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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2009-02-23

Roll call



by Feb 20:

  • Conversation w/ Sacha about his metrics.
  • Flesh out Community_participation_metrics.
  • Pitch Dashboard idea to Mo, ask if she can help with mockup ideas.
  • Use Brian's straw men (Spacewalk, oVirt, KVM, Fedora) for initial pass.
  • Present to Brian, and solicit feedback.

by Feb 27:

  • second draft of mockup to Brian, then present to mrc w/ Brian's positive feedback. - as Yaakov gets new metrics in and working, fill in the blanks w/ real data
  • future plans based on bstevens & mrc response.


  • Report on Spacewalk meetings (March 2nd).
  • Further refining and justification of the four education prongs.
  • Get Bowe set up in Fedora Hosted.
  • Pointer to whatever wiki page lists Sugar/OLPC goals for the F11 release.


  • Cookbook, based on schedule and feedback.
  • Plan and milestones around ISV SIG.
  • SCALE & FAD report (ok if it's mid-week, given that SCALE is the weekend before this meeting).


  • F11 Marketing schedule pages synchronized, and marketing team working towards them.
  • Deliverables based on the dates on the F11 Marketing schedule.