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Roll call

Max, Greg, Karsten, Harish, Jack, Kushal


Manager stuff (Max):

  • Compass plan for April & early May
  • Expense reports

The Big Picture (Max):

  • Specific goals and achievements.
    • Project building
    • Documentation of process
    • Measurement
  • Freedom to explore and find interesting opportunities.

Deliverables & Updates


  • Fedora Marketing
    • In-depth feature profiles
    • This week's meeting


  • LF Collab Summit download
  • Community manager love
  • Open Source ISV ecosystem
  • Cookbook's deliverables for this week


  • EDU -- update to mrc
  • POSSE -- content vs. logistics
  • Spacewalk
  • Genome and larger management questions


  • Lots of budget stuff to be done
  • FUDCon Berlin 2009
  • Compass


  • APAC marketing plan around F11 launch: APAC wants to launch a set of CDs (three) that will contain RHEL, A CD with OO.o/FF/TBird/Sunbird for Win/OSX/Linux, and F11 DVD. The F11 will, at least, be made available to F11 launch events in Singapore via the 7 Red Hat Academy organizations. I am working on getting these to the rest of the region for their respective F11 launches. Need to announce this on the wiki. Funding for media is out of APAC marketing budget.
  • I would be getting one or two interns (under my Sales College hat) who I am planning on engaging for comm arch stuff as well.