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== Last meeting's notes ==
== Roll call ==
== Roll call ==

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Roll call

Harish, Sankarshan, Karsten, Greg, Jack, Paul, Max, Yaakov


Marketing (Jack)

  • Westford summary.
  • Press kits.
  • GNOME.
  • F11 features and podcasts.

POSSE (Greg)

  • Mel's upcoming involvement.
  • Critical path for organization.
  • Attendees 100% confirmed?

Spacewalk (Greg)

  • SQL queries
  • Other work that is happening?
  • Is there a process for how we're engaging with Spacewalk team?
  • Goals by end of next week, May 15?
  • Brian Stevens on May 13.


  • Initial rollout targetted for this week.
  • Rollout plan finalized by end of day Tuesday. (Max & Karsten)
  • Any content updates needed before rollout? (Karsten)


  • Roadmap meeting w/ Yaakov today. (Max)
  • Development needs to be done by end of May. (Yaakov)


  • Trying to finalize all payments that need to happen in May around the world. (Max)
  • Really need everyone to get their expense reports in ASAP.
  • Still need to finish sorting out a laptop for Tiemann. (Max)

FUDCon Berlin

  • Preparations continue, lots to do, but slowly checking stuff off. (Max)

FUDCon Brazil

  • Not sure what Rodrigo needs, now that money has been sorted out.
  • Max will follow up directly w/ Rodrigo.


  • Mel Chua for the summer is set, only blocking on HR.
  • Still need a place for Ian to live in Boston.
  • Greg to follow up with NCSSM. We need a good task for a NCSSM intern to do.