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Dial-in details

Roll call



Deliverables before vacation

Listed by primary owner. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


  • FY11 budget.
  • Dashboard presentation and 2-hour mrc year-end-meeting.
  • FOSDEM 2010 sorted out.
  • FUDCon LATAM & EMEA planning properly started.
  • Go through your RT tickets and triage/update.


  • Cloud plan including bstevens communication that we can begin to execute immediately after vacation and share with mrc.
  • An aggressive roadmap for the completion of a rough draft of the textbook. We need to have a sense of what it's going to take (time and manpower and who) in order to not have this project be vaporware.
    • I'd really just suggest a FLOSSmanuals writing sprint. They plan and organize (they do it very, very well), we fund (same level as a FAD), maybe even try to get it done over winter break if various professors can be brought together. (Summer may be more realistic, though.) Mel Chua 04:20, 14 December 2009 (UTC)
  • The followup meeting about opening RH curriculum with whomever Greg said he needed it with. We want a green light that we can make solid plans on.
  • Big Ideas Fest trip report.
  • Go through your RT tickets and triage/update.


  • Karsten's research work in a pretty finalized state that can be shared w/ key folks.
  • Report on the SPICE situation and our plans to improve/fix both this and the general case.
  • TOSW going-forward plan to start executing in January.
  • Go through your RT tickets and triage/update.


  • POSSE's future organization, planning, branding, etc. The stuff we spoke about on Friday night of FUDCon in the hotel room.
  • Wrap up FUDCon Toronto
    • Every expense report for FUDCon Toronto filed and approved.
    • FUDCon FAD scheduled with reg open to roll additional followup into generic Events infrastructure
  • Fedora Scholarship 2010 open and accepting applicants
  • Go through your RT tickets and triage/update.