Meeting:Community Architecture 2010-04-19

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Roll call

Max, Greg, Karsten, Mel, Paul


It's been two weeks since our last call, so we have some general stuff to catch up on.


  • Status of FY11 goals and mrc.
  • Status of Q1 budget, looking ahead to F13.
  • Python and Fedora 13, and Fedora Marketing.
  • FUDCons and FADs.
  • Other Ambassadors-related stuff.


  • Summer coding status. How are you feeling about things? What are the goals for this week? What are we blocked on?
  • Anything else, are or you 100% on summer coding?
  • What do you need from other members of the team this week?


  • Bring us up to speed on POSSE. For each, green, yellow, or red? Where are we blocked? Where do you need help?
    • See this message for more details; have a few more apps/confirmations since the weekend, crunching those numbers now.
    • RIT: Green! Next-step: more recruitment.
    • Worcester: Green! Next-step: more recruitment.
    • California: Yellow; blocking on date finalization (we may not get the date we thought we had). I am trying to poke Alolita; Karsten, if you have time to gear up a faculty recruitment strategy (which would overlap with Summer Coding recruitment strategy) that would be great.
    • CMU: Red. Need 2nd instructor, confirmation that campus is still in, recruitment.
    • Columbia: "Is there a stoplight here?"
  • What do you need from other members of the team this week?



  • How was POSSCON?
  • Is it possible to get some OSDC stats (overall and for edu channel) that can be shared with the team and mrc?
  • What do you need from other members of the team this week?
  • What else is going on?