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Roll call

Max, Mel, Karsten, Ian


mchua My update: POSSE Worcester off to a good start, details later, see list for stuff from last night. 08:35
mchua plz take care of TOS funding questions for LinuxCon real quick if possible - and generally, the prof/POSSE grant process (that would be nice to know, to tell folks here). 08:35
mchua POSSE China folks need to be harassed (again) for the final budget breakdown in writing, and I'm going to have to get a visa. I am behind on SCOPE stuff, will pick that up shortly, but that's on the side. 08:36
mchua POSSE California: still need to find alolita. quaid, if you see her today, poke her - otherwise we'll have to do it tomorrow, but I want to send an email to attendees hopefully tonight. 08:36
mchua EOF 08:36
ianweller i just simplified my transit to the office by a lot 08:48
ianweller turns out that the bus that goes right by the red hat office stops at the same time as the westgrove bus at scott hall 08:48
ianweller spevack: the overhead lights aren't on at all now. i wonder if i'm just that early to the office, or if gregdek disabled them on his way out friday. 08:53
mchua ianweller: Once the profs in #tos get on IRC, I'm going to be pinging you also to say hi to them, etc - get them used to interacting with folks on IRC. 09:02
mchua Hopefully within the hours. 09:02
mchua er, hour. 09:02
* quaid *yawn* 09:43
* ianweller mentally prepares for meeting 09:57
* spevack is here 10:01
quaid oi 10:01
quaid see the orientees yet? eager faces and stuff? 10:02
spevack quaid: at 11 10:02
spevack one more hour 10:02
spevack how's everyone doing? 10:02
ianweller monday-groggy, but otherwise decent 10:02
spevack quaid: how was your weekend? 10:02
quaid crazy cool 10:03
spevack really? what did you do? 10:03
spevack either of you have fetchmail/offlineimap issues? 10:04
quaid D is in a new band with an old friend and some new ones. 10:04
quaid it was formed mainly to play an anniversary event on Sat. 10:04
quaid 10:04
quaid so that all went great 10:04
ianweller spevack: i have no-internet-at-all-at-the-apartment issues 10:04
quaid and when we went back on Sat. night to see the closing stuff, we ended up in a late night jam 10:04
ianweller spevack: but those are nothing new 10:04
spevack ianweller: any word yet from AT&T? 10:05
spevack quaid: that is really cool! 10:05
quaid acoustic bluegrass and old time gypsy music with a big ground, so a big success from the "wife wants this out of life" perspective. :) 10:05
ianweller spevack: other than i get a new modem in the mail tomorrow, no 10:05
spevack now that I've had a guitar for a couple of months, I have new appreciation for how difficult it is to play even the most trivial of songs :) 10:05
ianweller their billing department will have a brick with a note taped to it thrown through the window 10:05
quaid oh, yeah, it's going to be the modem and not the copper to the dmarc, or the dmarc to your apartment, or the wire in the apartment ... 10:06
ianweller quaid: i tried telling them that. 10:06
ianweller stupid prick on the phone line wouldn't listen 10:06
ianweller if they ship me a third modem i am going to scream on the phone line 10:06
spevack well, I can get on the VPN, but I can't get on to my email, so if either of you wrote a response to the "this week" email, I can't see it. You can copy paste here :) 10:06
spevack any questions for me about stuff that was on my TODO list for the week? 10:06
ianweller spevack: the hackfest is friday, and sparks et al have me down talking about the wiki sometime that day 10:07
ianweller spevack: so i'm not sure when you have us slated to get there 10:07
ianweller if i have an estimated time i can throw that by sparks and see if that'll work out 10:08
spevack ianweller: is there a hackfest agenda? 10:08
ianweller spevack: probably not 10:08
* ianweller asks 10:08
spevack I figure it's going to take us about 5 hours. 10:08
spevack So we can be there by mid-afternoon 10:09
quaid I didn't have anything to add other than ... well, I should be able to give spevack a bit more than the public stuff to discuss about Summer Coding with MRC, 10:09
spevack quaid: sounds good. I assume a lot is being captured on the fedora wiki as well. 10:10
quaid too much :) 10:10
spevack quaid: has Summer Coding been pretty much all your time, aside from last week's travel? 10:10
quaid definitely for the last few weeks, yeah 10:11
spevack yeah, that's fine. As expected, as well. We knew it was a big taks. 10:11
spevack er, task 10:11
quaid yeah 10:11
quaid esp. without a tool to handle the proposal process *whew* 10:12
quaid spevack: I guess the main thing we should settle soon, which isn't on your list, is the schedule plans for July on the west coast 10:13
spevack quaid: yeah, I saw you replied yesterday night, so I'll read that today. I'll also add that to my list for the week :) 10:13
quaid k 10:14
* ianweller +1s the "settle soon" part :) 10:14
spevack quaid: so what are some of the summer coding specifics for this week? 10:14
quaid few schedule tweaks to work out 10:15
quaid LOTS of communication 10:15
quaid haven't done a bigger world announcement yet, for example 10:15
quaid actually, I hope by mid-week that things are rolling along without much from me :) 10:15
quaid planet.fp.o/summer-coding details 10:16
quaid and whatever stuff the students/mentors throw my way 10:16
quaid also, tomorrow I have a meeting with Mary Margaret, which 10:16
quaid is my reminder to do some work today on the proposal for bBig Sponsors. 10:16
spevack sounds good -- how would you rate your morale level on all this? 10:17
quaid otherwise, my non-FSC stuff is i) textbook discussion on tos list (start 0.9 planning), and ii) TOSW updates and planning. 10:17
spevack and is there anything either ian or i can do for you today? 10:17
quaid my morale went way up when we finally told the students they could start and no one started shouting the money was too little :D 10:17
spevack that always helps :) 10:17
quaid no help needed my way, thanks 10:17
quaid yeah, totally relieved that now the other people have stuff to do and not me :) 10:18
spevack Can you work in a blog post about Open Source Bridge this week as well? 10:19
ianweller spevack: fwiw the hackfest is starting around 1 pm. so i think we should be fine 10:19
quaid spevack: that's on my to-do for this morning, yes, both of those items 10:19
spevack cool, cool. 10:19
spevack thanks quaid 10:19
quaid @MayorSamAdams is following me on Twitter now 10:19
quaid so I better write a good one :) 10:19
spevack ianweller: you're up. I know from our chat on Saturday a bit of your week's plans, but why don't you lay it out so quaid can be in the loop also. 10:20
ianweller this week's plans circle around SELF (community statistics + wiki stuff) and the brand guidelines. 10:20
ianweller for SELF, i need to write a presentation in four days (!) about generating community statistics. i'll show off the stats pane on fedora community, and also explain where we're headed 10:21
ianweller i will probably put datanommer development on hold for most of this week so i can get the presentation done. 10:22
ianweller brand guidelines is just focusing on re-re-re-rewriting my draft wiki page until i like it, which is hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so. 10:22
spevack ianweller: i think you and I should plan to share drafts of "whatever we have for SELF" tomorrow afternoon some time. 10:23
ianweller also, sparks wants me to talk about something on sunday at SELF. not sure what yet. that conversation is happening now as well 10:23
ianweller spevack: ok. 10:23
spevack we can do it in here so quaid can also be part of it (if you want, quaid ) 10:23
ianweller 09:23 < Sparks> I was thinking you could do a "how to properly/appropriately/correctly use the wiki" so we wouldn't have to keep fixing pages. 10:23
spevack ianweller: where are you and sparks talking? 10:23
ianweller spevack: -docs 10:23
* spevack got distracted over there 10:25
ianweller yes you did. ;) 10:26
spevack I wanted to make sure folks knew I was available for Sunday 10:26
spevack hmmm, anything else for this channel, this meeting, right now? I don't think either of you have any expenses stuff to worry about 10:26
ianweller i don't know how all of the SELF planning magically fell under -docs. i guess it was because we had a docs hackfest/FAD last year 10:26
ianweller spevack: do you want me to email my goals, however general they seem, to the list 10:26
spevack ianweller: sure! 10:27
ianweller will do. 10:28
ianweller i don't think i have anything more, other than /me has family slightly worried about july/CA crap, so i need to get that solidified this week 10:28
ianweller spevack: oh. were we going to muck with commarch.usersys 10:30
spevack ianweller: we will. 10:30
spevack ianweller: we are, but it's a task for "I have a day and nothing else pressing" Getting organized for self is more important. 10:31
spevack If Wednesday comes around and you're out of stuff to do, we'll rebuild the box :) 10:31
ianweller i don't think i'm ever "out" of stuff to do 10:31
ianweller spevack: i want to steal the LCD monitor from that machine so i can have a 2-screen setup for coding, with your permission. /me misses his dual-screen setup at home 10:31
spevack ianweller: go ahead 10:32
ianweller and also business cards. but that's also low priority 10:32
spevack quaid: you all set for now? Sorry to have you up early for a relatively short meeting, but I guess you'd be up anyway 10:32
quaid nope, I'm all good 10:34
spevack alright, then I guess meeting over. I'll orientate folks in about 20 mins, then have lunch, then make my way back across the street. 10:35
ianweller spevack: you suggested 11:45 was a good time to be at 1801 to steal food? 10:35
spevack yeah, that's usually when I'm running out of stuff to say and just start making things up 10:35
ianweller lol 10:36
ianweller don't have me do orientation then, i get to that stage after about 10 minutes 10:36
spevack quaid, ianweller have a good day! 10:39
ianweller #endmeeting ;) 10:39
* mchua reads backlog 10:56
* spevack to orientation 10:56
mchua Damn, I just missed spevack 10:58
mchua spevack: I was going to ask about funding for TOS initiatives - first test case is LinuxCon and travel requests for that, if we wanted to get more people. 10:59
spevack mchua: let's do it 11:07
spevack orientation is starting late 11:07
mchua oh, okay. 11:07
mchua spevack: basically, "how much $ is there for TOS, how much $ of that do we want to allocate to LinuxCon, and how do we want to use that $?" 11:07
mchua I defer to thee, o pursestring-holder. 11:07

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