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Roll call

Max, Mel, Karsten, Ian, Paul


  • LinuxCon, if anything to report (Mel)
  • OSDC articles (Mel, Ian)
  • RT ticket triage (Mel, Karsten)
  • Status of Summer Coding and POSSE payments (Max)
  • Textbook pitch status (Karsten)
  • Spending Comm-Arch's money for FUDCon Zurich (& Tempe?) (Paul)

Action items, by person


  • ping sdz and jefro about Linuxcon making of mini-summit article



  • edit Ian's OSDC article before Wednesday.
  • draft of OSDC article that builds on Ian's ideas.
  • write up a blog post explaining his cracky 'community intern for k12 for TOS' stuff


  • edit Ian's OSDC article before Wednesday
  • give quaid/mchua more milestones/roadmap on textbook-related work
  • status update of all summer coding payments by Thursday lunch, with the "easy" ones -- paypal and checks -- done.
  • Fedora Scholarships (5)