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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the full meeting minutes & log.

Roll call

Max, Karsten, Ian, Mel, Sebastian, Ryan


Wrapping up FY11 and looking into FY12. How we do that for our Eduction, Open Source Way, and Fedora goals. Summary of what mrc and I talked about last week. Specific deliverables that we are responsible for prior to end-of-year, along with the primary owners:

  • POSSE deep dive. (Mel)
    • Basic outline/key questions to answer (Max, due Nov 4 to mrc)
    • Rough draft of presentation (Mel, due Nov 18)
    • Face to face Max, Mel, mrc prior to Thanksgiving
  • POSSE registration app status (Ian and Mel).
  • POSSE alumni work status (Mel and Ryan).
  • Plan for TOSW's future, internally focused but external plans are also useful. The large question is "What will we deliver, starting now and over the next year, to further institutionalize TOSW within Red Hat?" (Karsten to lead the strategic thinking on this.)
    • Cloud related work, internally and externally.
    • Finish up the Open Sourcing process document.
  • Budget, staffing, and comms plan for FY12 (Max).

Action items

  • spevack check on status of osdc articles and remove blockers
  • ianweller get posseapp up and running on tosw.o tomorrow
  • quaid set up DNS for posseapp on via ctyler
  • quaid to work with ctyler on to redirect to IP address.
  • spevack handoff a skeleton of what a successful mrc presentation about POSSE will look like to mchua_sdz by Tuesday night.
  • spevack quaid brainstorm Wed on all TOSW-related activities, internal and external, with Q4 and FY12 planning.
  • ianweller datanommer presentation to the team at our next monday meeting.