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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the [FIXME full meeting minutes & log].

Roll call

Mel has volunteered to own/run this meeting, since Max will just be getting back to Raleigh.


Quick updates from everyone (5m)

  • What you're doing this week
  • What you need help on this week

If you aren't in on time, slip your 2-line update in when you arrive.

Brainstorm for Harish (15m)

Harish runs this time. (RH internal only)

Dropping things (25m)

At our retreat in Arizona, we said we'd be cutting our work on three things. These were:

  • Textbook (Karsten)
  • POSSE alumni relations (Mel and Ryan)
  • TOS grant program (Mel)

I'd like to have a good outline for transition/phase-out plans for all three of these by the time our meeting ends, so we're going to sprint on that for 25 minutes. I set up a public etherpad document at for us to work in, and will email the contents of that document out to TOS when we're done.


  • TOSW
    • knowing communities
    • knowing how to influence them
  • CommArch's business value to Red Hat
  • Community consulting
    • knowing about communities (stats)
    • knowing what to do about them ("your next step should be...")
  • Fedora
    • Cloud
    • Unlocking international resources
    • Etherpad
  • Sales bootcamp
  • Media production
    • "the show" commarch clip
  • Education (see Mel's email update)
    • infrastructure
    • public-facing web presence
    • events
    • POSSE
    • osdc/edu