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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the [FIXME full meeting minutes & log].

Roll call



Status of old action items:

  • Harish
    • Get whatever POSSE Manila info we have down on a wiki page or on the mailing list.
    • Look for an opportunity for an OSDC article out of the "Open Source Business Workshop" on Friday.
  • Max
    • Drive POSSE Manila conversation forward after Harish presents the current info to the team, so that Mel isn't burdened by it while she is at SIGCSE.
    • Follpwup with Pam about Fedora Scholarship legal questions.
    • Options for next full-team retreat to the list for discussion and March 16 finalization.
  • Mel and Sebastian
    • Do a great job at SIGCSE, according to the plan.
  • Ryan
    • Finish up the TOS wiki gardening ASAP, pre SIGCSE, with a focus on the front page.