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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the full meeting minutes & log.

Roll call

Max, Mel, Harish, Sebastian, Ian


  • Summit recap from Sebastian.
  • FY12 goals discussion, and more specifics on the scorecard goal.
  • OSCON discussion, from Fedora, TOS, and CommArch perspective.

Action items

  • Mel, Sebastian, Max: Work together on a single talk that we can give at EDUComm and SELF.
  • Harish: break out some detailed scorecard-related milestones by Wed night his time.
  • Ian: When you are clear from school worries, spend an hour or two on IRC and/or phone with Harish and really talk about how you can help out on the Scorecard tasks, and make that into some TODOs for the first month of summer.
  • Sebastian: Once internship officially starts, produce a clear set of wiki pages that show what TOS stuff is happening at OSCON, what Fedora stuff is happening there, and how CommArch will participate in, and benefit from both. When Max gets back from my PTO on June 6, OSCON is all sorted out and the value to CommArch's FY12 goals is clear and unquestioned. We know who is going, how long they will be there, and vaguely how much it will cost.