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jmbuser> <meeting>
jmbuser I will chair the meeting in quaid's absence
jmbuser Roll Call
jmbuser JohnBabich
Sparks EricChristensen
jmbuser Anyone else?
*tw2113 has his desktop screenshot up on the site
jmbuser Agenda is at
*jmbuser thinks this will be a short meeting
*Sparks agrees
jmbuser First agenda item: Installation Guide -- all hands on deck
jmbuser Anything to report?
*glezos is here as well, sort of.
glezos anything around translations, just yell.
stickster "All hands on deck" means we need everyone with some free
time to work on it
stickster The doc is in CVS, and I've done some work on it lately,
but not as much as I'd like to.
stickster Unfortunately, my free time for Docs is not what it used to be.
stickster There are two documents that, if you ask me, are
immediately EPIC FAIL if they're not ready for release.
Sparks Do we have a link to this doc?
stickster 1. Release Notes
stickster 2. Installation Guide
stickster Sparks: it's in CVS.
*Sparks is a little shady on the CVS stuff still.
*ftales (i=ftales tepee us) has joined #fedora-meeting
stickster We really should have everyone get knowledgeable about CVS.
stickster It's quite easy to learn
*Sparks agrees.
stickster mdious was up and working on it after just a couple of
hours of hanging out here.
Sparks I was inspired by quaid's message.
stickster Working with any sort of team pretty much requires some
sort of source code management system
stickster There are two that are worthwhile to learn in Fedora,
IYAM: CVS and git.
stickster CVS is the "old fogey," still in use all over the place
stickster git is the "new hotness," and is infinitely more powerful
but also a little harder to understand.
stickster What needs to happen is:
stickster 1. People need to find either a virtual guest machine or a
real box, and have it in a setup where they can run the installation
stickster 2. Compare the installation to the IG's contents
stickster 3. Revise the IG to match reality.
stickster (including documenting new features where found, removing
things that are gone, and fixing that which is erroneous)
jmbuser stickster: What time frame are we talking - 1 week, 2 weeks?
stickster The release of F9 is May 13
stickster We need to have at least the en_US version ready by then
stickster We've already got a real problem on our hands because we
have no way to get translations ready by then
jmbuser Release notes are not ready?
stickster *chirp chirp*
stickster jmbuser: Installation Guide.
stickster The release notes are in great shape.
*couf joins in
*jmbuser relaxes slightly
stickster jmbuser: Don't relax yet, a crummy IG is also an EPIC FAIL, AFAIC.
Sparks stickster: Someone on the mktg list noted a Release Note file
that had not been touched since Nov 07 which said something about F9.
stickster Sparks: That's a wiki page, not a release note.
stickster It's a stub on the wiki intended to be used for (yet
another) summary
Sparks stickster: Okay, just wanted to make sure.
stickster OK, I'm done with what I have.
stickster I would really like it if people would help with this very
important doc, since our previous help deserted us.
stickster btw, the Release Notes, as I mentioned, are in GREAT shape.
stickster We have 11 fully finished translations and probably a few
more by the date of release.
stickster We will need to get them published, which I'm hoping couf
will help with
stickster We can publish the day before and then just 'cvs tag -F
LIVE' right before the official releas.
stickster *release.
couf yep, I'll be available to do some publishing
stickster couf: ROCK ON
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joined #fedora-meeting
jmbuser I will try my best to get the latest F9 image and follow the
steps outlined above for the IG
stickster jmbuser: Either Rawhide or the Preview release should suffice
stickster There shouldn't be any anaconda feature changes after
that, just bug fixes
stickster Is anyone else going to step up to help?
*wolfy (n=lonewolf fedora/wolfy) has joined #fedora-meeting
jmbuser stickster: Thanks, I'll go for the Preview release
stickster You can see where I've done work already by looking at the
fedora-docs-commits archives:
stickster But that's not a blocker
stickster Fix wherever you see prolems
stickster *problems
stickster (and try to type better than I do) :-D
couf heh :)
*jmbuser has no room to criticize anybody's typing skills
stickster jmbuser: What's next on the agenda?
jmbuser Agenda Item 2: UG -- needs final touches and "wordsmithing" F9 / F8
*stickster pokes Mr. Vice Chair ;-)
jmbuser See note about typing skills above :-)
jmbuser F9 is the obvious priority, but only after IG is done
couf this is actually some wiki editing, it's in User_Guide/ on the wiki
jmbuser couf: good - that should help
couf the F9 version that is
jmbuser I'll give that another review
couf imo, and this is from a very fast read, it's really small stuff
that needs to be done
couf we should get this ready for XML conversion asap
jmbuser Better 95% ready than 0% published
jmbuser The perfect is the enemy of the good
jmbuser Agenda Item 3: SMG Needs feedback on conversion from CVS to
DocBook, as well as some "wordsmithing"
Sparks I thought the SMG has been "approved"
couf hmm yeah, I was under that impression as well
Sparks jsmith was doing the conversions a few months ago
*mikem23 (n=nnnniiim nat/redhat/x-a7cfc8735583df25) has joined #fedora-meeting
jmbuser According to last week's minutes...
couf yep, I checked his work in CVS last week, and it was all good
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jmbuser No more to do on PackageKit?
*glezos is now known as glezos_afk
Sparks I asked two people to work on that. I don't know if any work
has been done on it.
jmbuser Can we go with what we have now?
Sparks Is PackageKit the default GUI update interface in F9?
Sparks The SMG is ready minus PackageKit
*wolfy (n=lonewolf fedora/wolfy) has left #fedora-meeting ("When I
read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.")
couf Sparks: +1
*jmbuser is checking on PackageKit
Sparks We need to document PackageKit but I wouldn't hold up the SMG
because of it.
jmbuser feature quote: "Note that PackageKit is not quite ready to
replace pup and pirut, but its design does address some issues with
Fedora's current package manager, and the active upstream development
is also a hopeful sign."
jmbuser Sounds like it's still optional, but the up-and-coming thing
stickster Sparks: Yes, PK is the default.
stickster And since I'm running Rawhide, I disagree that it's not
quite ready :-)
*bpepple|lt (n=bpepple|
has joined #fedora-meeting
*stickster encourages all Fedora contributors to hop into using
Rawhide at least by the time of Preview Release
stickster Help kill bugs dead!
jmbuser I guess the feature wiki page needs updating
*Sparks is having problems with anaconda and thus isn't usign F9 yet
*juank_ (n=juanky 200 114 38 35) has joined #fedora-meeting
jmbuser Moving on...
*bashohII has quit ("夢よりも現の鷹ぞ頼もしき")
jmbuser Agenda Item 4: Security Guide -- F9 draft coming (rero)
jmbuser Should we be concerned with this before F9 release?
stickster Sparks: You can probably do this just by turning on
development repos and doing a 'yum upgrade'. Common gotchas apply.
Sparks Did I hear my name?
Sparks stickster: Hmmm...
Sparks jmbuser: The portion of the Security Guide that needed to get
out is out.
Sparks However, it looks... rough... just sitting there by itself.
I have made available chapters 1-3 for review.
Sparks We (a couple of security gurus and myself) went over them
today and cleaned them up.
Sparks Just waiting for the blessing to move them to the non-Draft
side of the wiki.
Sparks At which time I'm going to try to get them into DocBook format.
couf Sparks: location?
Sparks couf:
stickster By the way everyone, with respect to working on the IG:
Sparks When you look at the TOC on that page... 4.1 is what is released.
stickster CVS will be down from 1400-1900 UTC on Saturday.
couf ah, could we move it out of the Drafts section into something
like /Security_Guide/F9
jmbuser Stickster: Thanks for the heads up
Sparks couf: That is actually where the final pages go.
couf which would make it not a real draft, but as it's on the wiki,
it should be thought of as a draft
Sparks is the "final" location
couf correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't everything wiki-wise
assumed to be draft?
Sparks As soon as I get some of the other chapters ready then I'm
going to dress it up more.
couf and we choose DocBook as final
Sparks couf: I think so, however since development started in the
wiki and there were a lot of changes being made I was doing a DRAFT
and a Final Draft type of separation.
couf ah, sure :)
*couf got all confused there
*Sparks is always confused
jmbuser How about considering the "final draft" staging for the
DocBook final version?
Sparks I plan on starting the DocBook process soon.
Sparks jmbuser: yes
jmbuser Any other comments on the SMG?
jmbuser err, the Security Guide?
*jmbuser is confused too
jmbuser Any other business (AOB)?
couf well I just raised my hand in the websites meeting to be POC for Docs
jmbuser Excellent choice
jmbuser If nothing else, let's whip the F9 IG and other vital docs
into shape in time for the F9 final release
jmbuser Shall we close the meeting?
couf +1
Sparks +1
jmbuser 5
jmbuser 4
jmbuser 3
jmbuser 2
jmbuser Thanks guys
jmbuser 1
jmbuser </meeting>

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