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quaid <meeting> 12:02
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo hangin' out -- roll call and opening number 12:02
quaid KarstenWade, estoy aqui 12:03
* stickster present and accounted for 12:03
* couf 12:03
jsmith JaredSmith... estoy aqui tambien 12:03
jsmith (Well, for various definitions of "here") 12:03
quaid ok, I have weird networking stuff but this ssh seems ok, so ... 12:04
* jsmith twiddles the bits on quaid's router 12:05
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo talking -- Elections 12:05
stickster Ah, elections. 12:05
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* stickster hopes quaid didn't disappera 12:06
quaid no, I'm here 12:06
stickster From the Spanish for "disappear." (apologies.0 12:06
quaid I want to troubleshoot but then I'd drop 12:06
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quaid ok, anyway 12:08
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quaid I'm beginning to feel like we have too many elections around here :) 12:08
-!- Irssi: #fedora-meeting: Total of 100 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 99 normal] 12:08
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couf I second that 12:08
quaid and I'm a bit unclear if we have achieved the steps to setup a new Chair around here. 12:08
quaid so I'm open for discussion on the topic in that vein and others 12:09
couf unfortunately the new-to-be chair isn't around :-/ 12:10
stickster Yeah, it's difficult to have this conversation without him 12:10
quaid ok 12:11
stickster Has anyone thought about Docs in light of Jef Spaleta's role-based SIG idea, and whether we might actually enjoy *better* success -- and a better ruler against which to measure ourselves -- as a SIG? 12:11
stickster That could be total crazy talk. 12:11
quaid stickster: um, see ... 12:11
quaid that is crazy talk 12:11
stickster OK 12:11
quaid Docs is a clear example of a subproject 12:12
quaid in the role-based SIG world 12:12
quaid there would be a Documentor in each SIG focused on that SIG content 12:12
quaid and that person is *also* a memmber of the Docs Project (Subproj) 12:12
quaid make sense? 12:12
Southern_Gentlem or should be 12:13
quaid that said, we were discussing governance here a few hours ago, and Jeff didn't even know that we require elections for Projects 12:13
quaid Southern_Gentlem: refer to "in the role-based SIG world" 12:13
-!- giarc_w [] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:14
couf so basiclly we would be a resource subproject working for the SIGs? 12:14
quaid that's basically it 12:15
stickster Well, I think what quaid is saying is that we'd "embed" with them 12:15
stickster Is that a good characterization of it? 12:15
quaid sure 12:15
* couf tries to get the whole role-based SIG concept here 12:15
couf right, gotcha 12:15
quaid the idea is to get people working on what interests them 12:15
quaid and filling roles there more than "packaging" 12:16
couf +1 12:17
quaid so, elections and governance ... 12:17
quaid on-list? 12:17
quaid move to, that is 12:17
stickster +1 12:18
couf maybe, but we *should* get a clear POV from John, personal mail could help 12:18
couf just to make sure we don't keep pushing this back 12:18
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Southern_Gentlem what can be done to lower the barriers for people to get involved in the docs project 12:22
-!- jmbuser [n=jmbuser@] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:22
jmbuser JohnBabich late 12:22
Southern_Gentlem some people see it a litte extreme to have to get on cvs just to get a tutorial on how to do docs 12:23
stickster Southern_Gentlem: You missed last week's meeting :-) 12:23
stickster jmbuser! hi! 12:23
quaid hey jmbuser 12:24
jmbuser quaid: hey 12:24
quaid we're discussing governance 12:24
jmbuser stickster: hi 12:24
jmbuser carry on... 12:24
stickster Southern_Gentlem: 12:24
quaid do we need elections, etc. 12:24
quaid this often, etc. 12:25
quaid I still think it might be an on list discussion 12:25
quaid to have. 12:25
stickster Me sees that 20 minutes have gone by one topic, and not much said about it. Sounds like a clear "silence gives consent" for the ML. 12:27
quaid right on 12:27
jmbuser +1 12:27
quaid elections discussion on list etc. 12:27
lfoppiano Hi all, sry fro delay.... 12:27
lfoppiano *for 12:27
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo chilling -- Relnotes, Guides, other content 12:28
-!- RodrigoPadula [n=RodrigoP@] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:28
lfoppiano uhm...I lost elections... .-/ 12:29
lfoppiano :s/lost/miss/g 12:29
quaid lfoppiano: we're moving the topic to the mailing list 12:29
quaid ok, wsa there something to sayabout the relnotes? 12:29
* quaid hsa to be excused for typos, bad connetion, no tim e to edit 12:30
lfoppiano no 12:30
stickster mdious has been keeping up with these, and we should have a new package rolled later in the week 12:30
couf mdious has been syncing in the last bits 12:30
stickster Or maybe weekend 12:30
quaid ok, UG and other end-user content is second priority after Fedora contributor-oriented content 12:31
quaid I created 12:31
quaid just so we can track who is "embedded" where 12:31
quaid note that Docs is supporting any contributor area, SIG and subproject alike; just put it all on that one page for now. 12:32
couf do we want to formalize a process for these guys, and join-pages updates etc 12:33
* stickster has to make a call, will continue lurking here 12:33
quaid couf: we could; we also need to talk to the various grops and see what they want to do 12:34
quaid can someone add JohnStanley to that page as writing for BugTriage? 12:34
couf sure 12:35
couf that is if the wiki wants to let me 12:36
quaid it'll be better than what I have right now 12:36
* couf can't wait next weeks move 12:36
quaid so, update on that 12:36
quaid we are doing a premigration on the 23rd 12:37
quaid (barring problems) 12:37
quaid then doing a re-import of what has changed from 23 to 27 on the 27th 12:37
quaid that way we have some days to get things nicer before the actual migration is called 12:37
-!- knurd is now known as knurd_afk 12:37
quaid the old wiki will be up for some time in read-only, hidden from search engines mode 12:37
couf wow, fast save for slow wiki 12:39
quaid ok, so then the next thing is ... 12:39
quaid we need to tell folks that Docs is here to help them solve their internal docs problems 12:39
quaid maybe just make the GIG a first output along those lines 12:39
quaid so, let's add to that SIGSupport page a link to the section in the GIG that corresponds, so we can have the same people own that content creation 12:40
-!- jeff_hann [n=arares@] has quit [] 12:40
couf +1 12:42
jmbuser +1 12:43
-!- fraggle_ [] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:44
* jmbuser makes slowest response in Fedora meeting history 12:44
* quaid is still waiting for his last typing to appear on the screen 12:44
quaid oh, wait, it did 12:44
quaid ok, then ... 12:45
couf so shall we first get some basic "this is how you join Fedora"-instructions into the GIG, then spread the new mantra/offering to the world, and move on? 12:45
quaid couf: well, those are already there; GIG can have that, but should focus more on the SIGs/Subprojects 12:45
quaid oh 12:45
quaid you mean 12:45
quaid write that in first, stub out the pages, then announce, "come and fill and get some help with your contrib docs"? 12:45
* quaid sniffs a possible plan 12:46
couf yeah 12:46
quaid +1 12:46
jmbuser cool 12:46
quaid anyone feel they have the time to focus on the GIG to make that happen in a short timeframe? 12:47
couf I could have a stab at it 12:47
quaid coo' couf 12:48
quaid Action: couf stab at GIG basic intro/join Fedora 12:48
couf check 12:48
quaid Action: then we send out announcements about the change in Docs focus/role 12:48
quaid Action: meanwhile, feel free to blog about it at some point :) 12:48
* jmbuser needs to start blogging again 12:49
quaid word 12:49
-!- juank_prada [n=juanky@] has quit ["Leaving"] 12:49
quaid get addicted! 12:49
quaid ok, anything more on this topic? 12:49
* quaid adds some more actionnotes 12:49
quaid Action: election and governance to the list 12:49
quaid any other ones I missed? 12:50
couf not that I know off 12:50
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo chats -- All Other Bidness 12:50
quaid ten minutes to go and the flo' is open 12:51
couf time frame on cvs kill? 12:51
quaid hmm 12:52
quaid reality? F10 or later because of content actively in there, right? 12:53
quaid we are maintaining docs back to F8 12:53
quaid so we might need it opened until F9 EOLs 12:53
quaid that said! 12:53
couf ah right gpl and all that 12:53
quaid we can move on from here, migrate guides for new work in to 12:54
quaid couf: also, it works to build from there for those versions, why risk a move? it will be for maintainers only at that point anyway 12:54
quaid that's my off-the-cuff assessment 12:54
couf sure :) 12:55
quaid I'd say, any guides we want to publish for F9+ should get a stand alone project, SCM of choice, and rock on 12:55
quaid not sure if we have to update any part of bugzilla there or not 12:56
couf and toolchain needs to get in there too 12:56
-!- J5 [n=quintice@nat/redhat-us/x-f2a63c3e81ce4477] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:57
-!- sereinity [] has quit ["su -c'rm -rf /'"] 12:58
couf so I might try that after the GIG stuff 12:58
quaid aye, that's true 12:58
couf as part of my will to work on the toolchain 12:58
quaid ok, that's about it 12:58
quaid anything else for today? 12:58
quaid I'ma closin' 12:59
couf +1 12:59
quaid 30 12:59
quaid ~~ time warp ~~ 12:59
quaid 5 12:59
quaid 4 12:59
quaid 3 12:59
quaid 2 12:59
quaid 1 12:59
quaid </meeting> 12:59

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