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quaid <meeting id="Docs"> 11:04
quaid prepping for a 'bot :) 11:04
* quaid notes Sparks is present 11:04
quaid quaid esta aqui 11:04
stickster present! 11:04
jjmcd et moi, aussi 11:05
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quaid word to that 11:05
quaid DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Meetings#Wednesday.2C_10_December_2008 11:06
* jsmith is here 11:07
quaid ok, then 11:07
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg - helper docs 11:08
quaid stickster: we have a Catch-22, don't we? 11:08
quaid are we going to try to put off some of this work for the virtual hackfest this month? 11:08
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* danielsmw is here but listening in the background 11:11
quaid word 11:11
quaid I'm thinking ... 11:11
quaid we need to really figure that we'll do improvements to our actual self-help-ourselves docs 11:11
quaid during the group hackfest 11:11
Sparks yes 11:12
quaid a good first step is to get the page renaming done 11:12
* Sparks creates a topic portion of the hackfest page 11:12
quaid which I started on, and can take as a deliverable for next week. 11:12
quaid that will show the holes better, etc. 11:12
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Sparks Do we want to do any page migration to xml during the hackfest? 11:16
quaid hmm 11:16
quaid if there is an F9 User Guide, why not? 11:16
Sparks Maybe we can update it for F10 at the same time (or near the same time) 11:16
quaid yes, another good one 11:17
danielsmw chiming in 11:17
danielsmw as for the f9 user guide 11:17
danielsmw there really isn't that much progress on it 11:17
danielsmw and a few pages are already on f10 11:17
danielsmw so perhaps during the hackfest 11:18
danielsmw we can go ahead and do what sparks suggests 11:18
danielsmw update to f9, put that somewhere and start converting 11:18
danielsmw and then go ahead and update to f10 11:18
quaid ok 11:18
* Sparks writes idea to wiki 11:18
quaid danielsmw: while the topic is open, have you thought about the F8 push? 11:18
danielsmw the f8 push to xml? 11:18
* quaid is now off topic :) 11:19
quaid danielsmw: no, just to a specific wiki place 11:19
danielsmw quaid: i hadn't though of it, but that can be done. i saw that on the list. we'll just move it to a subdirector called F8-User-Guide or something 11:19
danielsmw quaid: i'm pretty busy this week, but I can do that first half of next week 11:19
quaid danielsmw: sure, that works; I can work with you on a good wiki name and such forth 11:20
danielsmw quaid: its settled then, see you next week. 11:21
quaid Sparks: what is the hackfest page url? 11:22
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quaid anything more on this topic? 11:23
Sparks DocsProject/Holiday_Virtual_Hackfest 11:23
quaid ACTION: quaid to work with everyone on page naming by 17 Dec 11:23
quaid ACTION: helping docs worked on during virt hackfest 11:24
quaid Sparks: I'm moving the 'deadline' on that to 23 Dec, so that is the day for us to have things all finalized before the following weekend comes 11:25
Sparks works for me 11:26
* quaid living in his Judeo-Christian country will also be distracted from 23 to 26ish 11:26
* Sparks considers renaming the page to something more... appropriate 11:26
quaid heh 11:26
quaid Docs_Project_holiday_virtual_hackfest? 11:26
jjmcd Something like Docs/Hackfest/Holiday/2008/Virtual ? 11:27
Sparks Yeah, what jjmcd said. 11:27
Sparks :) 11:27
* quaid kicks jjmcd under the table 11:27
jjmcd ow 11:27
quaid heh, oh dear 11:27
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg - F11 planning 11:28
quaid for example ... 11:28
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg - F11 planning :: CMS 11:28
quaid jsmith: so you are looking for a CMS that has XML on the backend with CMS wysiwyg editing? 11:28
jsmith quaid: Yes, in a nutshell 11:30
quaid I'm looking for collaborators 11:30
quaid to help find a solution 11:30
quaid so this is where we have some crossover, maybe ... 11:30
jsmith I'm happy to share what I've found. 11:30
quaid let 11:31
quaid let's gather stuff on CMS_solution_for_Fedora_Project_websites 11:31
jjmcd Are the objectives documented somewhere 11:32
* quaid adding another section at the end 11:32
quaid jjmcd: I think that page does it 11:32
* quaid also updates schedule section 11:32
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quaid laubersm: discussing # Tweak through F10 release 11:35
quaid # After F10, migrate www. to tweaked solution 11:35
quaid wooks 11:35
quaid woops, even! 11:35
quaid let's gather stuff on CMS_solution_for_Fedora_Project_websites 11:35
* quaid now adding a fourth section for list of possible CMS solutions 11:35
ke4qqq are we going to adjust the schedule along with that? 11:36
quaid jsmith: as you see, we didn't really have Docbook as an high ideal, low expectations there basically 11:36
quaid jsmith: we tried to hack that in to Plone with zero real success 11:36
jsmith RIght 11:36
quaid ke4qqq: I did somewhat, reload the page 11:36
quaid and then tell me what you think about it :) 11:36
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ke4qqq ok - that at least seems more within the realm of the possible. 11:37
quaid :D 11:38
quaid the thing is ... 11:38
quaid I'd LOVE to train people on using it on Sat. of the fudcon varcamp 11:38
quaid and it's a fair hackfest to do on Friday, when websites and infra are there to help us solve problems 11:38
quaid so we could go live with a working yet work to do instance that day 11:38
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quaid all right, I guess more list discussion is in order :) 11:42
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg :: Task table Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table 11:42
quaid it's updated to this meeting so far 11:43
quaid toolchain next steps is going to be part of the virt hackfest, I reckon 11:43
quaid how about publican migration? 11:44
quaid are we trying to load too much in to those days? 11:44
quaid by we, I mean me, of course :) 11:44
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ke4qqq I don't know - whats the level of effort/time for publican migration 11:45
Sparks Well... The Security Guide (in some form) has been changed to XML. 11:45
quaid ke4qqq: ok, so let's talk about the Installation Guide as an example 11:46
quaid here is the rough overview: 11:46
quaid * XML files need to be renamed 11:46
quaid * Some sections need renaming 11:46
quaid * Small amount of XML fixes possible 11:46
quaid * Some new files need creating (small) 11:46
quaid that's probably it 11:47
quaid the release notes are already using the Properly_named.xml style 11:47
quaid so that one would be easier; I was Publican-proofing this time :) 11:47
ke4qqq Is there documentation on migrating - everything I have seen on publican is starting from scratch 11:47
quaid ke4qqq: exactly, there is not 11:47
quaid so we want to self-doc, too 11:47
ke4qqq that sounds like a half day worth of work easy 11:47
quaid yes, that's about my estimate 11:47
ke4qqq more if we have to document along the way 11:47
quaid we do have the option of pushing this closer to F11, or doing it as a hackfest onsite at FUDCon 11:48
ke4qqq I'd rather us take a simple doc and do it to write the documentation 11:49
ke4qqq and maybe do the rest as a hackfest or as we have time 11:49
quaid do we have a simple doc that would work with? 11:49
stickster Guys, I'm sorry I've been quiet meeting wise, I just got off a phone call 11:49
quaid np 11:49
quaid and now you have to jet! 11:50
stickster I know, it sucks :-( 11:50
ke4qqq I don't know - IG may be the simple doc 11:50
* stickster 's whole week has gone this way 11:50
laubersm ke4qqq: +1 on last - simple one and document now; rest later and expand documentation if needed 11:50
quaid welll, it helps Publican overall, since other people would want to migrate 11:50
jsmith stickster: Mine too! 11:50
quaid ok, let's set the virtual hackfest goal 11:50
ke4qqq yeah mine has been the same way stickster - something evil this week. 11:50
quaid to be to write a migration doc and *start* migrating $something 11:51
* Sparks moves that idea to the wiki 11:52
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quaid ok, next task table item 11:53
quaid is the team per document 11:53
quaid I'll write an email on that to the list right now, since the early deadline is approaching 11:53
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ke4qqq we have a struggle there that I don't know that we've even identified a lead for every document yet have we? 11:55
quaid yep 11:55
quaid that's part of it, the task 11:55
quaid is a bit unclear there 11:55
quaid it's lead *and* team, but lead is key IMO to keeping it alive 11:55
quaid if no one person is willing to try to get a team ... 11:55
ke4qqq I agree 11:55
quaid also, lead != all is good, since no one person should have to do it her/his self 11:56
ke4qqq right 11:56
ke4qqq and refresh my memory - was the thought that we'd drop a document if it had no lead? 11:57
quaid yeah 11:57
quaid since a team without a lead here is too problematic 11:57
jjmcd Where is the list of docs and current (if any) leads? 11:57
quaid if folks want to act as a collective and can put together a plan that will work, that's probably OK 11:57
* stickster drops off to pick up daughter 11:57
-!- stickster is now known as stickster_afk 11:57
quaid 11:57
ke4qqq so you are still listed on a ton of documents quaid, which of those are you really the lead for? 11:58
quaid I'll remove myself 11:59
quaid none, really 11:59
-!- ixxs is now known as ixs 11:59
quaid that is ... I did that with the standard "guy in charge takes on all that no one else is doing" 11:59
quaid so I can do that later if we think it's worthy, but I'm not really supposed to be taking on *more* Docs work :) 11:59
ke4qqq thats what I thought - I think we need to strip your name from them - otherwise people will assume you have it covered :) 12:00
* quaid strips 12:00
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Sparks yikes 12:03
quaid sorry, crazy 12:06
quaid actually my mouse was working, but full desktop lock 12:06
quaid ok, time to close the meeting here 12:06
* quaid figures FAMSCo coming in? 12:06
quaid head back to #fedora-docs to finish up discussions 12:07
quaid </meeting> 12:07

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