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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:00
zodbot Meeting started Thu Oct 29 00:00:59 2009 UTC. The chair is Sparks. Information about MeetBot at 00:00
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quaid oi 00:00
Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:01
* Sparks 00:01
* rudi is here 00:01
* Sparks wonders if zodbot was asleep 00:01
* marwalk . 00:01
* jjmcd is here 00:01
* danielsmw is making ramen but will be back in 2:15 00:02
Sparks #chair jjmcd 00:03
zodbot Current chairs: Sparks jjmcd 00:03
* jjmcd wonders whether that is like alternate NCS 00:03
Sparks jjmcd: Yes 00:03
Sparks jjmcd: I know what happened last week. 00:03
jjmcd Bah ... I guess I'll have to pay attention 00:04
Sparks quaid: nice of you to join us tonight! 00:04
Sparks Okay, on with the show! 00:05
Sparks #topic Release Announcement 00:05
Sparks Last week we decided that the Release Announcement needed to be complete no later than 10 Nov. 00:05
Sparks I think there is already work being done on it. 00:06
Sparks Would anyone like to step up and take on this project? 00:06
Sparks This would be a quick project that would be good for a new or experienced member. 00:07
* jjmcd will be putting together the rpm around that time 00:07
Sparks jjmcd: You're excused this time 00:08
Sparks Well, I'll put out another plea later. 00:08
Sparks #topic Release Notes 00:09
jjmcd Isn't this one supposed to be mostly marketing? 00:09
jjmcd OK, RNs 00:09
Sparks jjmcd: How are things going? 00:09
jjmcd Thanks to rudi, the GA POs went to L10N behind the original schedule but ahead of the current schedule 00:09
jjmcd Also, I marked all the beats so folks don't sneak things in there 00:10
jjmcd There were more changes than I would have liked, but it shouldn't be too bad for L10N 00:10
jjmcd We had 4 or 5 bugs around mems size so I put in some weasel words that nobody will like 00:11
Sparks Cool 00:11
rudi Around 10% change 00:11
Sparks Are we still on track for being on time? 00:11
jjmcd yep, just waiting for L10N now 00:11
Sparks Cool 00:12
Sparks Did you get ownership/co-ownership of the RPM? 00:12
jjmcd Nope, still waiting on reviews of maiden rpm 00:12
jjmcd I'll email adam who volunteered to help off channel 00:12
Sparks Hmmm... I don't like that you are waiting on the review of the rpm 00:13
Sparks Do you have the attention of someone that is going to review it? 00:13
jjmcd Not THE rpm, and rpm to get to be a packager 00:13
Sparks Ahhh 00:13
Sparks Okay 00:13
jjmcd There are a handful of folks who have provided input, but idle a week so I'll ask Adam what to do next 00:14
quaid +1 weasel words 00:14
jjmcd Colin Powell always said you gotta piss somebody off sometimes 00:14
Sparks I follow that rule way too often 00:15
jjmcd rudi helped a bunch on some stuff i had forgotten how to do 00:15
jjmcd that's a plus and a minus, plus I didn't spend a lot of time on it, minus i wasn't forced to remember how to do it 00:15
rudi jjmcd -- you mean the git stuff? 00:16
jjmcd No, the re-merging the po 00:16
rudi Ah yeah. Hopefully noone will need to remember that soon :P 00:16
jjmcd Well, I owulda screwed up the branch, too 00:16
rudi Someone once called that stuff "stupid knowledge" -- the knowledge of workarounds and kludges :) 00:17
jjmcd good assessment 00:17
rudi But the upside is that I think we're getting better at working with L10N 00:17
jjmcd Yeah, I think so 00:17
rudi And in the F12-F13 lull, I'd like to document that 00:18
jjmcd We still have some work to do tho 00:18
rudi Indeed 00:18
Sparks Okay, so do you need anything for the RNs? 00:18
jjmcd no, i think we're good for now 00:18
Sparks Okay. Moving on 00:19
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:19
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:19
* Sparks just remembers he needs to update his package on the wiki 00:19
Sparks Okay, that's done. 00:20
Sparks My accessory packages, polls and advanced polls, have been pushed to stable so all that should be ready to go 00:20
Sparks Does anyone have any updates? 00:21
Sparks We'll need to jump on this project as soon as F12 is out the door. I'd like to have this up and running by the end of the year for docs.fp.o. 00:22
Sparks Of course that is an arbitrary date but one that will give us something to work toward. 00:23
Sparks Anyone have anything? 00:23
Sparks Okay, moving on 00:24
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:24
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:24
Sparks I completed #7 earlier today based on a conversation I had with rudi last week and my regeneration of the SG over the weekend. 00:25
jjmcd So now we just review against our checklist? 00:25
Sparks I'm having problems regenerating the non-English versions of the SG, however, so I'll need some help with that but I think everything is squared away. 00:26
Sparks checklist? 00:26
jjmcd Well, step 8 00:26
Sparks jjmcd: yes 00:26
Sparks quaid: Did you get step 6 completed? 00:26
Sparks I spoke with ianweller earlier and he said: the status of the license change is that it's half done in the staging branch and that i can't get to it today but i can maybe get to it tomorrow 00:28
Sparks So that should knock out step 5 00:28
Sparks Okay, maybe quaid will be back with us later 00:29
Sparks Anything else? 00:30
Sparks Okay, moving on 00:31
Sparks #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets 00:31
jjmcd I think I got all the F12 RN tickets this week 00:32
Sparks I haven't checked them today but if everyone will go through the tickets and make sure everything is assigned and if you have any tickets assigned please make sure the notes are up to date 00:32
Sparks jjmcd: +1 00:32
jjmcd The note I put on each beat asks folks to submit a ticket for zero day changes 00:33
Sparks cool 00:33
Sparks Okay, anything else? 00:33
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 00:34
Sparks Anyone have any guides that need anything? 00:34
jjmcd Looks like we might get some help on the ARG, we'll see 00:35
rudi Not a need -- but a heads-up that the new F12 Deployment Guide is now on d.fp.o and Transifex... 00:35
jjmcd goodness 00:35
Sparks jjmcd: ARG? 00:35
Sparks Oh 00:35
jjmcd :-) 00:35
Sparks rudi: Awesome 00:35
Sparks jjmcd: I'm having git issues tonight... :( 00:35
jjmcd Well it ain't near as frustrating as CVS 00:36
rudi That's perspectival's awesomeness to thank 00:36
Sparks jjmcd: CVS and SVN worked... I can't get anything OUT of git 00:36
Sparks perspectival++ 00:36
jjmcd Well see, less work that way 00:37
Sparks ya 00:37
Sparks I haven't looked at the accessibility guide lately... that needs to be touched at some point 00:38
Sparks Anything else? 00:39
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:40
Sparks Any new guides? 00:40
rudi Ah -- I see I jumped the gun. Sorry! 00:40
Sparks rudi: No worries 00:41
jjmcd Is stickster writing the "Guide to bars in Toronto"? 00:41
Sparks jjmcd: Is that a new guide? Publican or wiki? 00:41
jjmcd Well, Paul being an XML sort of guy, I assumed... 00:41
Sparks Well, we should encourage that to be put in the repo 00:42
jjmcd He did great in Berlin, but he may have had help from Jeroen 00:42
Sparks :) 00:43
Sparks Okay, any OTHER new guides? 00:43
Sparks #topic All other business 00:44
Sparks Okay, does anyone have anything they'd like to discuss? 00:44
marwalk did you see the F12 beta writeup in Ars Technica? 00:45
Sparks anything? anything at all? 00:45
Sparks marwalk: I didn't. 00:46
Sparks marwalk: url? 00:46
marwalk 00:46
Sparks F11 had rough edges? 00:47
Sparks Not as rough as F7, IMO.  :) 00:47
Sparks marwalk: Thanks for the link! 00:48
marwalk indeed :-) 00:48
Sparks anyone else? 00:49
Sparks Okay, well I'm closing it down! 00:50
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming tonight. 00:50
Sparks #endmeeting 00:50