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2008 July 31 IRC Support Meeting

Members Present

Kevin Fenzi nirik
Ben Williams Southern_Gentlem
Scott Glaser Sonar_Guy
Steve Barber roguedaemon
Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams ivazquez
Scott Williams vwbusguy
Jason Farrell zcat
Thomas Janssen thomasj
Jef Spaleta spoleeba
Bob Jensen BobJensen
Warren Togami warren
Rex Dieter rdieter
Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip
Seth Vidal skvidal


Problem Scope

IRC support needs to be improved. There is a shortage of good helpers, and operators to maintain order in the #fedora channel. The channel has many "non helpfull" helpers in it. Support is sometimes inconsistent or not present. We should be able to organize support efforts, attract more helpers and assist more users.

Items Discussed

  • Should and IRC Support SIG be formed?
    • The general consensus was that a SIG would be beneficial to the group.
    • Remove the +v stuff from helpers for now until we decide to use it.
  • Code of Conduct
    • Needs to be updated and reviewed.
  • Helpers
    • Currently not enough people to support running in shifts.
    • How can we get more people involved in helping so that we can setup shifts?
    • Tableed the topic of scheduling until we have a way to do it and decide we want to for sure.
    • Helpers would also require access to #fedora-ops to settle disputes and allow for the Channel Operators to monitor the disputes and assist in resolution.
  • Progress?
    • Some days are better than others.
    • Continue directing off-topic discussions to #fedora-social.
    • Directing people to #fedora-social tends to lead to those people ranting in that channel.
  • Free discussion
    • See meeting logs for details

Action Items

  • Have Red Hat lawyers look into the legalities of referring to livna. Assigned: Tom Callaway (DONE)
    • Legals response was to post the following disclaimer in the channel: "Any advice you read here is provided by individual community members. You should use it at your OWN RISK. This advice is owned by each individual, and does NOT represent the views of Freenode, Fedora or Red Hat" This was done by modifying the chanserv message to display that disclaimer to every person who enters the channel.
  • Form SIG. Assigned:
  • Invite the Fedora Documentation personnel to assist in reviewing our pages. Assigned: Scott Glaser
  • Modify/Define the code of conduct for Participants/Helpers/Ops. Assigned: All Operators
  • Define the requirements for a #fedora Bot. Assigned:


  • The next IRC Support Team meeting will take place in #fedora-meeting beginning 15:30 UTC on 24 July 2008.
  • Figure out how to get more helpers/schedule shifts.

Long term ideas

  • A 'support wizard' type app. Users could be directed to it to gather information and also point them to solutions for common problems (This could be shared with other support types).
  • Guidelines and orginization around all support types (mailing lists, talk, forums).
  • A channel bot for various needs.


Jul 17 11:30:14 <nirik>	hey folks... who's here for the IRC support meeting?
Jul 17 11:30:25 *	nirik has changed the topic to: IRC support meeting - Init process

Jul 17 12:21:46 <vwbusguy>	-/close