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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - init process Feb 12 09:30
nirik who all is here for the irc support sig meeting? Feb 12 09:31
Southern_Gentlem +1 Feb 12 09:31
Southern_Gentlem for a change Feb 12 09:31
-->rjune ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:31
*linuxguru is here Feb 12 09:31
rjune I'm here. but do I matter? Feb 12 09:31
nirik everybody matters. ;) Feb 12 09:32
*nirik waits a bit for more folks. Feb 12 09:32
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-->Parafeed ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:33
*vwbusguy rings a bell. Feb 12 09:33
*rdieter lurks Feb 12 09:33
McGiwer hi Feb 12 09:33
McGiwer PawelSadowski Feb 12 09:33
-->bronx (i=[ has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:34
nirik ok, I guess we should get started. I don't have all that much on the agenda today... Feb 12 09:34
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classes Feb 12 09:34
-->mj0vy ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:34
nirik we had some classes last weekend... hard to tell how good attendence was. ;) Feb 12 09:34
nirik always looking for folks to teach, the next set of classes is in march. Feb 12 09:35
Southern_Gentlem looking at my schedule i will look at possible june Feb 12 09:35
nirik anyone have any questions or comments on classes? Feb 12 09:35
nirik Southern_Gentlem: cool. :) Feb 12 09:35
nirik ok, moving along... Feb 12 09:36
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - State of the channel Feb 12 09:36
Southern_Gentlem possible a jigdo class or maybe a pyjigdo Feb 12 09:36
nirik how do folks think we are doing currently? better? worse? is there anything we can do to improve? Feb 12 09:36
rjune When are the classess chedule Feb 12 09:37
Southern_Gentlem all in all i think the channel is in fairly good shape Feb 12 09:37
rjune doh, sorry. Feb 12 09:37
nirik rjune: Feb 12 09:37
linuxguru have been few days since i came back and it seems to be going great. probably much better then when i left. Feb 12 09:38
-->Nirmal (n=npathak@nat/redhat-in/x-976a05d292f8a8d5) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:38
nirik I think it's been going much as it has for a while... not sure what to do to improve things anymore though. ;) Feb 12 09:38
<--pingou has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Feb 12 09:39
nirik linuxguru: just out of curiosity, why did you leave and why did you come back? anything related to the channel? or just outside time/other issues? Feb 12 09:39
linuxguru nirik, lack of internet and time actually. Feb 12 09:39
inode0 nirik: no one has come to #rhel complaining in a long time - so I think things are better Feb 12 09:39
nirik ok, no worries. :) Welcome back. Feb 12 09:39
nirik inode0: did that used to happen? Feb 12 09:40
inode0 yes Feb 12 09:40
nirik interesting. ok. Feb 12 09:40
inode0 still happens from #centos Feb 12 09:40
*nirik nods. Feb 12 09:40
Southern_Gentlem i am afraid that the IQ level in the channel has dropped again Feb 12 09:40
Southern_Gentlem which tells me we are getting new people Feb 12 09:41
nirik right now the best thing I can think of to improve things is get more folks who know things involved in helping... but thats always hard to do as everyone is busy. Feb 12 09:41
nirik I did notice a rise of 'I used $otherbrowndistro and am switching to fedora, how do I...' in the last few weeks. No idea what would have caused it though. Feb 12 09:42
Southern_Gentlem inode0, because they are running centos or EOL? Feb 12 09:42
nirik anyhow, any feedback or ideas on improving things are always welcome. Feb 12 09:42
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Feb 12 09:44
nirik anyone have anything else they would like to bring up? Feb 12 09:44
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linuxguru oh. is the ati binary driver issue resolved with f10? Feb 12 09:45
-->jds2001_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:45
jwb we don't know and can't do anything about it Feb 12 09:45
Southern_Gentlem Fedora Unity is looking for PPC testers for the new F10 re-spin Feb 12 09:45
Southern_Gentlem linuxguru, newer issue or just an issue Feb 12 09:46
nirik linuxguru: 'issue'? Feb 12 09:46
Southern_Gentlem i know that rpmfusion has kmod-fglrx for f10 Feb 12 09:46
*nirik might be able to reinstall his ppc box... as long as rawhide is installable so he can go back. Feb 12 09:46
linuxguru okay Feb 12 09:47
<--iarlyy has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Feb 12 09:47
linuxguru well it's a ati problem i know. might be that i didn't correctly phrased it Feb 12 09:48
Southern_Gentlem linuxguru, mobile 9800 i think may be flacky but thomasj would be the person to talk to Feb 12 09:48
*Southern_Gentlem trys to stay out of ati and sound issues Feb 12 09:48
linuxguru and one more thing are the classes target for only beginners ? Feb 12 09:49
nirik linuxguru: no, they can be any level... Feb 12 09:49
nirik whatever people are willing to teach. Feb 12 09:49
Southern_Gentlem targeted at whatever level the instructor wants to set it at Feb 12 09:49
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-->foolish (n=foolish@fedora/foolish) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:49
linuxguru march 8 sounds a good date for me. semester exams end by that time. Feb 12 09:50
linuxguru i might be interested in taking a intermediate selinux class. Feb 12 09:50
Southern_Gentlem especially if there has been a beginners level i hope someone will do the next steps Feb 12 09:50
linuxguru when is the last date to register a class Feb 12 09:50
Southern_Gentlem to take the class you show up Feb 12 09:50
nirik taking? or teaching? :) Feb 12 09:50
linuxguru oh. teaching i mean. Feb 12 09:51
nirik for teaching it would be good to get it signed up at least a week before, so we have time to advertise the classes. Feb 12 09:51
-->thomasj (n=thomasj@fedora/thomasj) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:51
nirik I'd love to get the next classes table filled up sooner than that. Feb 12 09:51
nirik it's been hard to find teachers though. ;( Feb 12 09:52
*herlo agrees Feb 12 09:52
linuxguru teaching is a hard job. i helped 3 people pass the selinux policy exam but it was very demanding Feb 12 09:52
-->alexxed ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:52
nirik classes are 1 hour, so you can't get too deep into a subject, unless you do a series or something. Feb 12 09:53
-->MrHappy ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:53
Southern_Gentlem more series the better Feb 12 09:53
nirik although the classroom channel is open 24x7, so you could always schedule a longer class for some other time. Feb 12 09:53
linuxguru i think continuing from where herlo left will be a great idea. Feb 12 09:53
vwbusguy inode0, at least one person complains about #Fedora in #RHEL. But I don't think that person can be helped about that right now. Feb 12 09:55
Southern_Gentlem welcome thomasj Feb 12 09:55
thomasj Thanks Feb 12 09:55
nirik another suggestion I got the other day was to do a series on a project... start from design, coding, testing, packaging for fedora, reviewing, updating, etc. Feb 12 09:55
*thomasj missed the meeting again.. sorry.. Feb 12 09:56
nirik ie, from start to finish show how the entire process goes. Feb 12 09:56
Southern_Gentlem nirik i agree Feb 12 09:56
Southern_Gentlem thomasj, nope you made it Feb 12 09:56
*nirik would love to see that, but it needs people to drive it forward. ;) Feb 12 09:56
<--fab has quit ("Leaving") Feb 12 09:56
thomasj Southern_Gentlem, true, but late Feb 12 09:56
vwbusguy as far as EOL thing. I think it is a good policy so far to tell them to upgrade / offer assistance with upgrading / pointing them to CentOS and then if they keep pushing it send them to #Fedora-EOL. I think that has been working Feb 12 09:56
linuxguru nirik, you mean to practically starting a project Feb 12 09:56
-->mbacovsk__ (n=mbacovsk@nat/redhat/x-3b0926f4384adddf) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:56
linuxguru say* Feb 12 09:56
nirik linuxguru: yes. Feb 12 09:56
linuxguru that will really be nice. but it involves so many things. Feb 12 09:57
mj0vy We should direct issues on generic topics like Grub/LVM/Filesystem to #fedora-eol if they are running EOL Fedora or take it on #fedora itself? Feb 12 09:57
nirik yeah, it would. It would be pretty cool though as a series of classes. Feb 12 09:57
-->giallu ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:57
nirik mj0vy: you're welcome to help if you know the answer, but suggest they upgrade or go to eol if they need more help. Feb 12 09:58
-->KC0WYC (n=rpjensen@fedora/bobjensen) has joined #Fedora-Meeting Feb 12 09:58
vwbusguy mj0vy, somethings that seem general are complicated by variances in old releases Feb 12 09:58
-->EvilBob (n=EvilBob@fedora/bobjensen) has joined #Fedora-Meeting Feb 12 09:58
-->fbijlsma ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:58
-->KageSenshi (n=kagesens@fedora/KageSenshi) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 12 09:58
nirik yeah, even things you think you know may well have been different in a very old release. Feb 12 09:58
vwbusguy I'm personally of the opinion that if someone wants to help them AND they are not distracting current version users, that it's not a problem in #Fedora Feb 12 09:58
vwbusguy it's also not a problem in #Fedora for them to be continuously advised to upgrade / migrate Feb 12 09:59
linuxguru i think its better that way yes. if traffic is low you can accommodate eol users in #fedora itself Feb 12 09:59
nirik right, which they will be. :) I'm happy to tell them to upgrade, and point them at eol. ;) Feb 12 09:59
vwbusguy ok, I have to go to an appointment Feb 12 10:00
vwbusguy later Feb 12 10:00
nirik have fun vwbusguy Feb 12 10:00
*vwbusguy & Feb 12 10:00
linuxguru laterz vwbusguy Feb 12 10:00
nirik ok, anything further today? or shall we wrap up? Feb 12 10:00
*linuxguru wishes everyone a very happy valentine day. enjoy Feb 12 10:01
*nirik will close the meeting in a few if nothing else comes up. Feb 12 10:01
<--mj0vy ( has left #fedora-meeting Feb 12 10:01
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---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Feb 12 10:02
nirik thanks for coming everyone. Feb 12 10:02

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