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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - init process. Feb 26 09:30
nirik who all is here for the irc support sig meeting? Feb 26 09:30
*thomasj Feb 26 09:30
*roguedaemon Feb 26 09:30
*zcat Feb 26 09:31
-->mj0vy (n=mj0vy@ has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:31
*Sonar_Guy is here Feb 26 09:31
*nirik waits another min for a few more folks, then we will get started. Feb 26 09:32
-->daMaestro (n=jon@fedora/damaestro) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:33
nirik ok, lets go ahead I guess... Feb 26 09:33
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classroom Feb 26 09:33
nirik you've heard it before. ;) Need teachers for the next session... consider signing up or asking someone you know to. Feb 26 09:34
nirik is the page. :) Feb 26 09:34
nirik any questions on that? shall we move on? Feb 26 09:35
Sonar_Guy none here Feb 26 09:35
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - weekly stats Feb 26 09:35
nirik so Sonar_Guy has been running some weekly stats for us... Feb 26 09:35
Sonar_Guy Feb 26 09:36
-->Southern_Gentlem (n=notfred@fedora/Southern-Gentleman) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:36
nirik I think there's some good info here we can look at... Feb 26 09:36
-->fab__ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:36
nirik first, 12 and 23 are the hours with the most activity. We could look at trying to get more folks around to help at those times. Feb 26 09:37
-->spoleeba (n=one@fedora/Jef) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:37
roguedaemon i take it thats EST Feb 26 09:38
nirik secondly, the list of top links are interesting. I don't know how we could get users to see them easier without telling them though. Feb 26 09:38
Sonar_Guy roguedaemon: yes Feb 26 09:38
nirik That says that many folks are being pointed to the pulse faq... so thats good to know. Feb 26 09:39
<--sdziallas has quit ("Ex-Chat") Feb 26 09:39
zcat Sonar_Guy, that's not a full 7 days, yet, right? you just enabled weekly? Feb 26 09:40
nirik also, over this time we only had flood kicks from fedbot... which is pretty amazing. Feb 26 09:40
nirik yeah, this isn't the full week. Feb 26 09:40
Sonar_Guy zcat not yet Feb 26 09:40
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Southern_Gentlem thomasj is busy from 0-7 ish Feb 26 09:40
Sonar_Guy zcat: this is actually only about 2 1/2 days, I did not get it configured till early tuesday Feb 26 09:40
nirik so we might have more info next week, but I think it could help us... Feb 26 09:41
---fab__ is now known as fab Feb 26 09:41
zcat anything to add about fenrus / _drj2? Feb 26 09:41
nirik he's a question answering fiend... but i just hope he doesn't burn out. ;) Feb 26 09:42
Sonar_Guy zcat: he rocks and never sleeps Feb 26 09:42
nirik anyone have anything more on the stats? or shall we look at them after a full week and see what we might want to adjust/change in the channel? Feb 26 09:44
-->che (n=rkastl@redhat/che) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:44
daMaestro we should disclose we are logging but not publishing Feb 26 09:44
Southern_Gentlem stabby-mc does a pretty good job as well Feb 26 09:44
daMaestro (not in the topic or anything.. but somewhere on the wiki) Feb 26 09:44
Southern_Gentlem no Feb 26 09:45
roguedaemon zcat: like what Feb 26 09:45
nirik daMaestro: we added it to the join message that the channel could be logged. Feb 26 09:45
Southern_Gentlem already stated that the channel is logged Feb 26 09:45
daMaestro nirik, k. i know it's common knowledge, but yeah Feb 26 09:45
*nirik wonders if that has discouraged some of the trolling... it's been a quiet week. Feb 26 09:45
Southern_Gentlem seems to have Feb 26 09:45
Southern_Gentlem the idiots have seemed to have claimed down on the magic paste that kicks people Feb 26 09:46
zcat roguedaemon, ops, if more needed. channel hasn't really grown / got more rowdy though. Feb 26 09:46
roguedaemon well, we are at almost 500 and its not release time... Feb 26 09:47
inode0 would you guys like to see how things look after a longer period? Feb 26 09:47
roguedaemon inode0: what do you mean Feb 26 09:48
nirik yeah, it's an ebb in the cycle... after alpha, before beta, etc. Feb 26 09:48
nirik inode0: we do have longer stats, but weekly seems to me to be a good indicator of current channel activity. Feb 26 09:48
Southern_Gentlem zcat you think the channel has gotten my rowdy? Feb 26 09:48
Southern_Gentlem more rowdy rather Feb 26 09:49
roguedaemon nirik: seems like 100 more than this time last year, not sure if i remember correctly or not though Feb 26 09:49
zcat Southern_Gentlem, nope Feb 26 09:49
nirik Feb 26 09:49
Southern_Gentlem i think it has claimed down alot Feb 26 09:49
nirik thats a year and a half or so. Feb 26 09:49
inode0 nirik: I've been poking StabbyMc about IRC classroom too, which he is ideally suited for and he is very interested in helping out there. Feb 26 09:49
roguedaemon nirik: heh ive been quiet for a while and am still #3 Feb 26 09:50
*roguedaemon chuckles Feb 26 09:50
nirik inode0: yep. We are over in classroom now talking about it. Feb 26 09:50
roguedaemon oh you didnt combine gents Feb 26 09:51
nirik I guess monthly could be interesting as well. Feb 26 09:51
nirik yeah, not much config. I just ran it real quick the other day. Feb 26 09:51
Southern_Gentlem roguedaemon, i have stopped posting as much and i am still #1 Feb 26 09:51
roguedaemon heheh Feb 26 09:51
<--giallu has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Feb 26 09:52
nirik ok, shall we move on and revisit the stats next week? Feb 26 09:53
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - status of the channel. Feb 26 09:53
nirik so, how are things going? Any ideas for improvement? any problems or questions this week? Feb 26 09:53
zcat All's well, IMO, 'cept for a Dosimal thorn in everybody's side :) Feb 26 09:54
Southern_Gentlem IMHO i think the channel is doing fine, things are very claim (which worries me a little bit) Feb 26 09:54
zcat and fnewton's renewed semi-anti-fedora ranting Feb 26 09:54
*nirik tried to get a description of Dosimals issue last night with no paste that I can recall seeing. Oh well. All we can do is keep trying. Feb 26 09:55
nirik Southern_Gentlem: yeah, it's quiet alright. Feb 26 09:55
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Feb 26 09:55
nirik anything else? or shall we stick a fork in this meeting? Feb 26 09:55
Southern_Gentlem fork it Feb 26 09:55
-->cweyl ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 26 09:55
nirik ok. Keep up the good work everyone... thanks for coming. Feb 26 09:56
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Feb 26 09:57
<--lfoppiano has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Feb 26 09:57
nirik oh shoot. I just remembed another topic. Oh well, next week. Feb 26 09:57
thomasj we're still all here Feb 26 09:57
roguedaemon or mention it at least Feb 26 09:57
thomasj Well, i guess so :) Feb 26 09:58
nirik was going to mention #fedora-social... should there be any policing there at all, and if so what? Feb 26 09:58
nirik I guess we should ping ivazquez about it, since he started the channel... Feb 26 09:58
roguedaemon its pretty much troll proof Feb 26 09:59
roguedaemon one or 2 incidents Feb 26 09:59
roguedaemon nirik: what sort of policing Feb 26 09:59
roguedaemon like stopping my drunken ramblings? :) Feb 26 10:00
nirik well, I have been operating on the idea we should just leave it alone... anyone can do what they want there. There have been 2 incidents that I know of: Feb 26 10:00
roguedaemon i'm not op there so i cant kick myself Feb 26 10:00
<--fbijlsma_ has quit ("Leaving") Feb 26 10:00
nirik 1 was someone posting nasty illegal links (I don't remember if it was kiddie porn or warez or what) Feb 26 10:00
roguedaemon worse than X? Feb 26 10:00
zcat #fedora-social is anything goes, except for extreme douchebaggery, unending political rants, and flooding... imo Feb 26 10:00
zcat roguedaemon, yeah. has to be worse than X :) Feb 26 10:01
roguedaemon all X ever did was post dead bodies and fat chicks Feb 26 10:01
nirik another was the guy who was ranting about politics and religion to a vast extent, making the channel unusable for others. Feb 26 10:01
roguedaemon oh daemonxp Feb 26 10:01
Sonar_Guy zcat: and that would be how it is being run, only ban that has been set recently was on daemonXP Feb 26 10:01
nirik yeah. Feb 26 10:01
zcat ok Feb 26 10:01
nirik I would be inclined to say one of: a) no rules, any op can just kick/ban anyone if they feel they need to. or b) no rules, only illegal stuff or stuff that causes the channel to not be usable are grounds for kick/ban. Feb 26 10:02
Sonar_Guy nirik: what I typically do is leave it up to the people in the channel, if they want somebody removed for being disruptive they tell me. Feb 26 10:02
nirik but I guess we could just not worry about it. Feb 26 10:02
nirik Sonar_Guy: but thats kinda mob rule... Feb 26 10:03
Sonar_Guy maybe but it has worked this long Feb 26 10:03
Sonar_Guy only 4 people on the ban list in there Feb 26 10:03
roguedaemon if you listen to fools, the mob rules Feb 26 10:03
che if no one is offended there is no reason for action Feb 26 10:03
Sonar_Guy exactly Feb 26 10:03
che if people are offended one has to use common sense ;). Feb 26 10:04
nirik ok. I am also not sure how much that channel falls under our sig... but I guess we can just keep going as we are. ;) Feb 26 10:04
nirik anyhow, if people could mull over it, we can bring it up next time. ;) Feb 26 10:05
<--knurd has quit ("brb in a few if everything works well") Feb 26 10:08
Southern_Gentlem i have had someone come get me for an incident in social when i went in the room the person claimed down Feb 26 10:08

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