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Fedora Marketing Team Meeting Minutes 2016-04-06

Meeting Time


This week's Marketing Meeting will be led by jflory7.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol

  • To help improve the flow of the meeting, using the IRC Meeting Protocol is encouraged, as modeled by the EMEA Ambassadors.
  • Please follow the Meeting Protocol where possible.


Attendees, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  • #startmeeting Fedora Marketing meeting (2016-04-06)
  • #meetingname marketing
  • #chair < based on attendance >

  • #topic Roll Call
    • #info Name; Timezone; Other sub-projects / interest areas

  • #topic Announcements
    • #info === G11n team finished vFAD from April 1-5 ===
    • #info === Marketing mailing list spammers ===
      • #info Thanks to abompard and puiterwijk, the Marketing mailing list issue is resolved. There was a filter to allow anything with the characters 'f', 'e', 'd', 'o', 'c', 'a', 'l' to pass through without being subscribed (for Fedocal). Spammers figured this out too. The issue has been resolved, the list is no longer moderated, back to business! abompard++ puiterwijk++
    • #info === "" ===
      • #link
      • #info

  • #topic Tickets
    • #link
    • #info === Ticket #219 ===
      • #link
      • #info "Create Python talking points for Ambassadors"
      • bkp recently created the latest revision of the flyers. Seems to check out among all participating Python SIG members in the ticket! Do we want to finalize the brochure, get it into a format that can be distributed to vendors, and make an announcement to the Marketing + Ambassadors + Python SIG list? After this, what's next?
    • #info === Ticket #222 ===
    • #info === Ticket #223 ===
      • #link
      • #info "Create Social Media Accounts for Fedora on Diaspora and GNU Social"
      • bkp took on this task to begin investigating. Any new info to report or progress made? Anything we can help with or assist with?
    • #info === Ticket #210 ===
      • #link
      • #info "Magazine Categories - Reorganization?"
      • stickster reviewed this ticket and gave a new revision to the proposed recategorization of the Magazine. Ultimately, the final decision will rest with ryanlerch as the editor-in-chief. If any other Marketing team members want to add feedback to the categories, feel free to leave comments in the Trac ticket!

  • #topic Open Floor

Meeting summary and action items

Full meeting log

Next Meeting