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Many Fedora projects and groups use the #fedora-meeting IRC channel on for their regular meetings. That makes it easy for people that are not part of the groups that is meeting to get involved with them or at least keep track of what they are doing. This page lists keeps track of the times an dates for regular meetings, so other groups know when there is a free time slot available.

Meetings are often logged
Please note that the meetings in #fedora-meeting normally get logged and the log often uploaded to public places (like this wiki or a mailing list) afterwards.
Also use Fedocal
Please add your meeting also to Fedocal.

There are no general formal meeting rules -- but some of the groups have rules or guidelines like the FESCo meetings guidelines . Normally you are free to speak in meetings of all groups, but please stick to the topic and help make sure that the meeting is productive.

There is an IRC bot in channel to assist you with meeting summary and logging. You can learn more about it at: MeetBot

Summaries and logs from past meetings can be found at

Hint: You can use an online time calculator to convert from UTC to your local time zone or back, or look at 'date -u' in a local terminal to see what your current UTC time is.

See How to use IRC for information on getting connected.

Time table

(There used to be a time table here, but it became horribly out of date. Please use:

Meetings Outside of this Channel

Sometimes groups meet out side of these channels. Those meetings don't conflict with the use of the channel so they're not placed in this table but it can be good to know when they take place in case you need to have the same people involved in your meeting as well.