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New Mentors

Requirements for Mentoring

There are no set rules for who can and cannot be a mentor. There are, however, a few simple guidelines you should meet before trying to become a mentor.

  • A strong familiarity with the subjects you will be mentoring in is an obvious must.
  • You must be easy to reach and readily available.

You will be contacted with questions, and a timely response is a must. If you are going to be away for a while, you should remove yourself from the Mentors list . You might also consider placing a note on the Vacation page.

  • Know how to balance your time and resources.

You may get a large volume of questions from new contributors. We don't want you to get burned out. If you become overwhelmed, try to pass along some of the questions or temporarily remove yourself from the Mentors list .

Becoming a Mentor

There are several steps that anyone interested in being a mentor should take. These steps help you get the information you need and put you in touch with the rest of the mentoring team. They also insure that new contributors can reach you. Some of these steps will require wiki editing privileges. If you need access, see the WikiEditing page.

Personal Information
Fedora is a very visible and transparent project, which means that its mailing lists are archived and mirrored in many places on the internet outside of our control. Please use caution when sharing personal information with Fedora on a mailing list, because it is not possible for us to remove any postings from the wider Internet universe after they are sent. For more details, please refer to Fedora's Privacy Policy.
  1. Join the mailing list. The mailing list serves as a communication hub for the Fedora Mentoring Program. Mentoring activities are also reported here. After joining, please introduce yourself.
  2. Make sure you have provided contact information on your wiki homepage. New contributors will be looking on this page for your basic contact information. What information you provide is up to you. Usually, at least an email address is provided. If you can't be reached, you can't mentor anyone. For examples of wiki homepages, take a look at the wiki homepages of the program leads: PatrickBarnes or MarcWiriadisastra
  3. Place yourself on the list on the Mentors page. This is the list of Fedora mentors.