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== Members ==
== Members ==
[[User:jkeating|Jesse Keating]]
[[User:jkeating|Jesse Keating]]
[[User:toshio|Toshio Kuratomi]]
== Status ==
== Status ==

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Create a Messaging infrastructure within the Fedora Project to facilitate communication, interaction, and integration between services within the Fedora Infrastructure.


Jesse Keating Toshio Kuratomi


We're currently in the planning stage of the SIG. Bringing interested people together to flesh out the who, what, where, when, and how.


  • #fedora-admin and #fedora-devel on Freenode IRC
  • Slides from a talk given at Linux Fest Northwest 2009 by Jesse Keating


None yet, need to work out a timeline for implementing a Messaging system.


  • Bring people into the SIG
  • Discuss high level goals of the SIG
  • Create a schedule
  •  ???
  • Profit


Links to documentation and project pages for the various tools we'll be using.