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[ Ubuntu MigrationAssistance Capture from]
[ Ubuntu MigrationAssistance Capture from]
[ openSUSE Mango - Migration Assistant Next Generation]
[ Mandriva Transfugdrake - a frontend to Ubuntu Migration Assistant]
===To Do===
===To Do===

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Even installing Linux is a breeze. Thousands of Windows user found Linux is difficult to use and worry about the competity of documents. The goal of Windows Data Migration is provide a one-stop data migration to migrate all Windows data from a Windows System to Linux during installation or even after installation. It will support XP and Vista Windows data.


= Support post install files migration
= Support XP/Vista/OSX
= Support random flags syntax in command mode
= Support listing users from XP and Vista
= Support any Linux or Unix based system that has python installed and same user folder structure.
= Support automatic user detection or with a given user name(s)
= Support copying file(s) and folder(s) to specified location
= If given location is not a home folder of the OS type given, it will report error message and exit
= When duplicate file(s) or folder(s) is detected, wdmt has an option to replace older file/folder, backup existing Fedora user folder(s) or replace existing user folder(s)
= Auto create user list with a temporary password and migrate folders and files

Program Logic Flow v0.1 20081012


  • Show welcome page and descriptions
  • Search Windows User Folders
  • Gathering folders information
  • Check if Fedora User parition is enough for all documents from Windows users
  • Prompt if administrator wants every thing automatic -> go to AUTO else -> go to MANUAL


  • List all possible users and ask if every thing is correct
  • Generate for dummy password for each user
  • Automatic create User
  • Automatic move User documents to each user directory
  • Automatic migrate bookmarks to Konqueror, Firefox


  • List all possible users and ask for individual password
  • Prompt each folder that copy to Fedora partition, and see if administrator wants to move files to a specific folder
  • Prompt each user when move bookmarks to Konqueror, Firefox

Future Development / Advanced Functions:

  • environment migration
  • mail accounts, import mail database (outlook, thunderbird, etc)
  • (humph, Nov 3, 2008) This can be done via Thunderbird's -migration command line switch, in order to pull all mail/settings into the current profile (i.e., assumes a profile). However, since this produces an mbox, you could also use it to then dump to some other mail client. Also, this method still needs user intervention, and could be automated to accept path(s). See code in
  • Windows a-like environment setting
  • automatic download applications associate all file type
  • IM migration


The demo code is posted in [[1]] in this wiki at this moment. I will put it in fedorahosted in the future.

Project Contributor(s)

Rahul Sundaram: Rahul was the one who raise the idea of Migrate aNd Manage. Great idea, Rahul!!

David Humphrey: resources resource on mail and bookmark migration to Firefox on wiki and IRC. Thank you David.

Mohak Vyas: gave me some more idea how user profiles, folders works. Thanks Mo!

Milton Paiva Neto: show me some trick on how to handle functions in better way and using "case' instead of "if" on argument checking.


Migrate aNd Manage in Fedora Project Wiki:

Migrate aNd Manage in OpenSource@Seneca:

Ubuntu MigrationAssistance Page

Ubuntu MigrationAssistance Capture from

openSUSE Mango - Migration Assistant Next Generation

Mandriva Transfugdrake - a frontend to Ubuntu Migration Assistant

To Do

Item Description Status Note
Test Machine Setup Install Vista and Fedora in same hard disk DONE: 20080920 install in a laptop
Test Mount and link Test mounting and linking single user folder with known path DONE: 20080921 linked music, folder to home directory successfully, still testing if any conflict in regular use
Test User migration try to added user and change password in BASH script DONE: 20081012 User add successfully and user password changed successfully
Python functions test Test if desire function works in Python DONE: 20081012 Sucessfully using file and directory handling
file/directory search functions planning plan the user/files/directory handling structure and functions for WDMT DONE: 2008/10/29 may update structure later
WinUserSearch creat python function to search existing XP/Vista user DONE: 2008/11/06 return/output a list of user in a list, all user folder plus adminstrator minus general folder(local, public)
Copy/move/replace folders, files with error checking automatic or manual DONE: 2008/11/11 possible bug(s) when handling link

User Create and temporary password create a list of user with given list or detected list DONE: 2008/11/15 done, with automatic documents migration
Automatic mounting NTFS/HFS detect and mount, save the location and partition type to be used in other function Target Date: 2008/11/20 DONE: 2008/11/26
add link function link to folder instead of copy Target Date: 2008/11/25 DONE: 2008/11/30
add all options and functions and get ready for 0.3 finish all possible functions and option that in most cases for installation or post-installation Target Date: 2008/11/27 DONE: 2008/12/02

Post in Fedorahosted Post in Fedorahosted Target Date: 2008/12/20

Study firstboot Understand and have a draft plan Target Date: 2008/12/20

Contact firstboot owner Contact the owner of firstboot and ask for opinion Target Date: 2008/12/20

improve link handling may have bug if target/source is a link instead of file/folder Target Date: 2008/11/20
Free Space Detection check avaliable space and see if it's possible to migrate all user data to fedora directory. Target Date: 2008/11/25


Subject Description Target Date Status
Python Code Complete finish all function that needs for basic function in Python COMPLETED In Progress, may delay (20081106)

mostly done(20081115) All functions are done (20081205)

GUI Interface Finish all connection between Python code and GUI Interface 1 Jan 2009
Test Version Putting Test version in Fedora site 20 Dec 2008