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<!-- A section provided for comments
<!-- A section provided for comments
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[edit] Overview

Rename Fedora Development Milestones to match industry nomenclature and reality within Fedora's cycle.

[edit] Problem Space

Fedora's use of "Alpha", "Beta", and the made up "Preview" do not match what people in the software development and test world expect. See Wikipedia article on development stages.

[edit] Solution Overview

Rename existing "Beta" to "Alpha". Rename existing "Preview" to "Beta". Drop our current "Alpha" (to be replaced with targeted test days and / or snapshots of rawhide).

[edit] Alpha

Alpha means that we are Feature Complete in that Features are fully defined and testable.

[edit] Beta

Beta means that we are "Code Complete" in that all Features are thought to be complete

[edit] Scope

Mostly documentation and wiki pages.

[edit] Active Ingredients

Edit the schedule wiki page and TaskJuggler output.

[edit] Discussion Points

Wiki pages describing Alpha or Beta or Preview will need to be adjusted to reflect the new name, as well as what is expected from those releases.

[edit] Comments ?

[edit] Owner