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This page contains list of code repositories of all Modularity related projects with short description of each project. This page is updated regularly, but to see the most actual list of projects, check Modularity group on Pagure or on GitHub. Note that on these pages, there can be also repositories for already abandoned projects.

Common libraries

This is list of common libraries we use across various Modularity projects:



This repository contains the definition of metadata format (Modulemd) used to describe every module. It also contains Python library used to manipulate files in this format.



This repository contains Python library which is used to resolve dependencies between multiple Modulemd objects. It uses similar way as yum/dnf uses to resolve dependencies between RPM packages.

Server side projects

This is list of server side projects which runs on Modularity servers:

Orchestrator (aka Rida)


Orchestrator coordinates module builds. It accepts new build requests from client tools, schedules and coordinates build of module and tracks the module build status.

PDC fork


This is Modularity aware fork of PDC (Product Definition Center). It is used as server-side storage of built modules' metadata. Other server side services uses it to get information about built modules.

PDC updater


PDC updater updates the Product Definition Center based on the fedmsg messages.

Build Pipeline Overview (BPO)


This is a web service providing a single UI for accessing information about build states of modules.

Client side projects

This is list of client side projects which are executed on client system to work with modules:

Modularity DNF plugin


This repository contains "dnf module" plugin which is use to managing modules on client systems. It can search for modules, enable them, disable them, update them and so on.

Pyrpkg fork


This is Modularity aware fork of pyrpkg library. When installed, it extends the fedpkg command with "module-build" subcommand.


This is list of modules described in the Modulemd metadata format which can be used as an examples of modules:



This repository contains module definitions for the so-called base-runtime as well as other essential modules needed at both run- and build-time. This set of modules should provide everything module developers need to build their own.

FM Modules


Example of various modules like httpd or mariadb.