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There are a couple of services, cronjobs, ... that are used to support people working on Modularity. This page documents them.

Name Contact Status Type Files Remarks
compat(?) ? obsolete(?) cronjob ~fedora/compat/* No idea what this does.
fm-trello-taiga-sync/generate-roadmap jkaluza(?) obsolete cronjob /home/fedora/fm-trello-taiga-sync/generate-roadmap builds and, we don't use Taiga or Trello anymore
fmtoolize(?) obsolete cronjob /var/www/html/modularity/repos/ builds jantill(?) obsolete(?) cronjob /home/fedora/, /home/fedora/ builds -- Jenkins reports for a of couple (old?) projects
m8y-website-updater asamalik, nphilipp active daemon, fedmsg consumer /etc/systemd/system/m8y-website-updater.service ~fedora/bin/ ~fedora/src/m8y-website-updater Listens to changes in the modularity repo on Pagure, then builds and pushes changes to
pdc obsolete daemon ? This was an experimental version of PDC from back when PDC didn't know about Modularity.
pdc-updater ? broken daemon, fedmsg consumer ?
pungi-trigger obsolete daemon ? ? obsolete(?) cronjob ~fedora/bin/ builds several projects on COPR: fm-dnf-plugin, modulemd, fm-modulemd-resolver