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Working Group Self-Nominations

Nomination period
Nominations will close on April 18, 2016 00:00 UTC. If you want to self-nominate, please have your name entered below before that time.

To volunteer to serve on the Fedora Modularity Working Group, simply add yourself below, along with a brief description of your current involvement with Fedora and plans for participation in this group. Note that this will be a highly technical working group. We're looking particularly (but not exclusively) for representation from the previous Environments & Stacks and Base WGs, Release Engineering, Infrastructure, Quality Assurance, and the Security Team.

See the the devel-list annoucement and Objectives/Fedora Modularization, Prototype Phase for background on what this is all about.

  • Langdon White - Fedora Council member, Modularity Objective Lead, application developer, architect, manager, etc. I want to make Fedora more welcoming and usable by separating the lifecycles of applications from the OS.
  • Mike DePaulo - Packager & ambassador. SysAdmin by day. I like having the freedom to install any version of any application I want. That may not be 100% achievable, but I am passionate about working towards that goal.
  • Chaoyi Zha - Developer on Infrastructure team, packager, ambassador. I want to help make Fedora more welcoming and customizable for a wider range of users.
  • Nick Coghlan - Fedora Environments & Stacks member, CPython core developer involved in Python packaging initiatives. I want to help improve the Python upstream -> Fedora downstream redistribution pipeline.
  • Harald Hoyer - Former Base Working Group member -> Helping out to form the Base module with the knowledge gained in the Base WG.
  • Petr Šabata -- Packager, packaging sponsor, Perl hacker. I want to participate in defining the, hopefully successful, future of Fedora and make sure it all makes sense.
  • Jan Pazdziora -- maintainer of FreeIPA server in Docker container and external authentication modules for Apache HTTP server. My goal is to have the modular approach powerful enough to support fairly complex applications like FreeIPA, and flexible enough to combine the solutions both for development and production, focusing on authentication and authorization.
  • Luboš Kocman - Releng, code contributor to upstream rel-eng tools: mainly pungi, productmd. I'd like to bend rel-eng tools to scale with modularity (mainly split one big process of composing into independent/reusable actions).
  • Tim Flink - Fedora QA, Taskotron lead. I want to help improve coordination between the upcoming changes and QA.
  • Yaakov Selkowitz - Proven packager, userspace packaging specialist. Looking to help with subpackaging improvements for minimization.
  • Stephen Tweedie - Former Fedora board member, architect, tech lead etc. I want Fedora to stay relevant and flexible both for users/developers of Fedora, and contributors to Fedora.
  • Mark Wielaard - I work on elfutils and valgrind upstream, which I also package for Fedora and help out with other development tools like systemtap, gdb, etc. I hope to help make (different versions of) modules observable, debuggable, etc. See also Changes/ParallelInstallableDebuginfo.
  • Dennis Gilmore - FESCo member, Fedora Release Engineering lead, EPEL founder, Former Board Member, Contributor and owner of all the release engineering tools. I want to make how we build and ship Fedora more flexible and dynamic. Enabling us to do more with less more faster,
  • Jan Staněk - Fedora packager with focus on databases, Python/C/C++ developer. I want to make using and administering Fedora easier for the common user.
  • Ian McLeod - Packager, Python developer, supporter of Fedora release engineering and maintainer of rel-eng tools associated with cloud, Vagrant and Docker images (Image Factory, Oz and koji integration). I want to help create a lean Fedora core that is easy to adapt, rebuild or build on top of.
  • real-name - < some remarks about your background />. < why modularity is interesting for you or what you hope to accomplish />.