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Building Maven projects in Jenkins.


  1. ensure that Jenkins is up and running
  2. install Maven: yum install maven

How to test

  1. go to http://localhost:8080/configure and click on "Add Maven" in "Maven" section
  2. specify name of this installation: "system"
  3. uncheck "Install automatically"
  4. set "MAVEN_HOME" to "/usr/share/maven/"
  5. click "Save"
  6. go to http://localhost:8080/view/All/newJob and create new item
    • name: "mavenproject1"
    • project type: "Build a maven project"
  7. click "OK"
  8. in "Source Code Management" choose "git"
  9. "Repository URL" is ""
  10. click "Save" and "Build Now"

Expected Results

  1. there should be no failures or stacktraces printed on the screen
  2. the build should finish successfully (blue ball in history)