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Event Owner

When and Where

MUKTI is the Annual National Level Technical Symposium on GNU/Linux and Free Software conducted by the GNU/Linux Users' Group of NIT Durgapur.

Feb 4, 5 and 6 in Durgapur, India. More details at


Travel and accommodation are sponsored by Red HatCommunity Architecture team to enable Fedora contributors in India to get together as part of the Mukti event. The following is a list of contributors we are sponsoring for this event. It is a overall estimate and helps provides transparency.

Name Amount Comments
Rahul Sundaram X INR
Shreyank Gupta X INR
Kushal Das X INR


Session Name Description Duration Audience Level Owner Slides
RPM packaging workshop A detailed hands-on session on RPM packaging in Fedora 2 hours Intermediate/Advanced Rahul Sundaram
System programming using Python and what we learned from it 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Kushal Das
Ruby on Rails 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Shreyank Gupta

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