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[[Category:Homepage ]] [[Category:AmbassadorsUSA]]]
[[Category:Homepage ]] [[Category:AmbassadorsUSA]]

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Mukul Dharwadkar

I am a Linux and open source enthusiast working mainly with the Redhat/Fedora flavours of Linux. I like to spend my time working on Linux. Right now I am working on how to integrate Linux in corporate work environment with minimum impact to end users. I run my website on FC6 using Apache as front end web server and Zope / Plone combination at the backend. I keep posting my findings on my website at My blog can be found at


  • Email: [[MailTo(mukul DOT dharwadkar AT gmail DOT com)] (moin encodes email addresses properly to anonymous users)
  • IRC: I hang out on IRC using the nick MukulDharwadkar (very innovative!!!). (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)
  • GPG key: 61DF58EE
  • Fedora Account: mukuld

Activities within Fedora

My goal is to help popularise Fedora and Linux in the business users and remove the "Geeks Only" tag off Linux. I have dabbled with Ubuntu, Suse and Fedora and I find Fedora the best although it still lacks the user friendliness that Ubuntu introduces. Any ideas and suggestions for this goal are welcome.