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Installing Multimedia Codecs With Codec Buddy (Codeina)

Codeina informs the user about the value of open formats and can optionally function as a codec installer for gstreamer applications such as Totem that currently installs Fluendo codecs. It's also known as CodecBuddy.

Here is a basic step of installing MP3 plugin for Totem step-by-step for an end user:

Step 1

When you try to play MP3 music with Totem in Fedora 8, you'll see following message.

Multimedia Codeina codeina-01.png

Step 2

If you click on the link About Proprietary and Free Formats, you will be taken to the CodecBuddy page. If you press the See available options button, it will take you to following Codec Installer window.

Multimedia Codeina codeina-02.png

Step 3

When you select "Fluendo MP3 Audio Decoder", it will display following End-User License Agreement window.

Multimedia Codeina codeina-03.png

Step 4

Once you accept the agreement, it will install the selected plugin and you should be able to play MP3 music.

Multimedia Codeina codeina-04.png