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Music Creation Lite Spin


Designed to showcase the latest developments in linux audio production, Music Creation Lite provides a suite of best of breed audio recording, editing, effects and synthesis software fitting on a single bootable cd media.


and the Audio Creation SIG.

Detailed Description

Music Creation Lite provides a specific experience tailored for users wanting to record and manipulate audio, while using only packages available within the Fedora world.

In particular, the live CD uses a customised runlevel 4, so that as many services as possible can be easily stopped. This allows the JACK audio server the best chance of trouble free operation during production of audio material.

Included are applications such as rosegarden, audacity and fluidsynth. While a users initial use might show how much fun can be had in recording / synthesizing and manipulating audio, we hope that users might be willing to share their creations with the Fedora community.

Benefit to Fedora

In the past years, there has been quite a few articles on creating music with linux, however, many times this has involved things like downloading source code, compiling, installing and detailed configuration of the audio applications to even get started.

The spin should provide a fast start into the world of music creation using the Fedora packaging and documentation, so that potential Fedora users might consider Fedora as their primary Linux distribution.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • ISO name: Fedora-$release-$arch-Music-Creation-Lite
  • FS-Label: Fedora-$release-$arch-Music


  • kernel-rt: Ideally, this spin would use a kernel with realtime patches as found at PlanetCCRMA. Since this isn't ready for F14, this spin instead relies on reducing unwanted system and user services to limit the chances of latency problems.
  • jackuser group: There is still some work to do to ensure that the default spin user is added to the jackuser group so that jack applications can work out of the box.
  • branding/graphics: have not been worked on as yet. Once F14 graphics are viewable, we are considering adapting them to incorporate something musical/audio into the theme.
  • Fedora Music documentation: currently in devel/test
  • rough edges:
 * grub add second entry to allow selection of boot with normal service startup (rl 5)
 * add a button (ideally only visible in RL 5) to initiate system maintenance items, via a script.
 * email icon still present
 * add a button to request change between maintenance and music runlevels

Scope / Testing

Fast Music Creation

Spin description

Screenshot (This highlights what happens when you don't have a good setup, and you run under a virtual machine.)

Download tab

Support tab

Custom branding

Comments and Discussion