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The phase for name suggestions is over. Please do not add further suggestions to the list. To everyone who added a name already, thank you for your contribution!


This page contains community suggestions for the Fedora 16 release name. All submissions must meet the guidelines for release names.

Laughlin → Lovelock → <new name>? Lovelock is a <blank>, and so is <new name>.

The link between Laughlin and Lovelock was "both are names of cities in Nevada, USA." The link between Lovelock and the new name must be different than that link, and different from any other previous link.

General links automatically rejected
General links such as "is a word" or "is a location", while technically within the scope of the rules, will most certainly be rejected by the Fedora Board. Remember, the goal is to come up with a creative link to Lovelock. The following links will also likely be rejected:
  • Other cities in Nevada
  • Names of living people
  • Well-known trademarks
Please try to find a truly original and obscure link!

Naming Schedule

  • Name collection: 3 March through 10 March
  • List to Fedora Board: 11 March through 14 March
  • Legal Review of Board approved names: 15 March through 22 March
  • Community vote on final name: 23 March through 29 March
  • Name announced: 30 March

Name Suggestions

Please read carefully.
The instructions below will help prevent some suggestions from being eliminated early.

How to use this table

  1. Come up with a name idea. Put the name in the first column.
  2. Determine whether it passes the "is-a" test. You must be able to truthfully complete the sentence "Lovelock is a <...>, and so is <YOUR_NAME>." The link to the new name cannot be the same as the link from Laughlin to Lovelock, nor any other previous link. Mark the link in the appropriate column, such as "type of chemical reaction," "deep-sea organism."
    • Don't choose obvious links, because they usually result in uninteresting names.
    • Don't choose very general names or unclear links.
    • Don't choose names of living people, or well-known trademarks.
    • Do choose obscure links to interesting things, which makes for a better name.
    • Do avoid all previous links wherever possible.
    • Do make sure there are at least a couple of ways to link out of the new name to the next name -- and they must be unique too!
  3. Use Google to search for possible trademark collisions. First search for the term itself along with "+software", and then broaden your search to include "+computer", "+hardware", "+technology", "+IT", and so on. Do not skimp on this step.
    • If you find a collision, it is best to find another name. Names that cause collisions will be eliminated by Red Hat's Legal department and thus waste their time, which is a valuable commodity for Fedora. Help us maximize their effectiveness by weeding out names that are trademarks of other entities, especially those in the IT industry.
    • If the collision is outside the IT/computing market, you can still submit the name but you should note the collision in the "Tested" column, and include a link to the site where the collision was found.
    • If you find no collisions, make that notation in the "Tested" column.
  4. Do not mark the approval columns. These are reserved for the approval authorities such as the Board and Red Hat Legal.

Suggestion Table

Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Comments Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved
Weed James Lovelock is a founder of two towns, so is Jonas Weed. No collisions. NOTOK (likely to be censored/filtered due to the clearly unintentional drug reference)
Gull James Lovelock is a Fellow of the Royal Society, so is Keith Gull. No collisions. NOTOK - person is alive
Attenborough James Lovelock is a winner of the Fonseca Prize from University of Santiago Compostela, so is David Frederick Attenborough. No collisions. NOTOK - living person
Hawking James Lovelock is a winner of the Fonseca Prize from University of Santiago Compostela, so is Stephen Hawking. No collisions. NOTOK - living person
Bullock Lovelock is a correctional facility, so is Bullock. No collisions.
Gorham Lovelock is a cave where primitive humanoids were discovered, so is Gorham (A cave on Gibraltar where evidence of Neanderthals was found) gorham software services and gorham-micro (google gorham software) Archeology (sites, tools - arrow heads, city layouts, mammoths), cave paintings
Omoto Lovelock is a mount and so is Mt. Omoto (Okinawa's tallest mountain) no collisions
Noguera Ray Lovelock is an actor and so is Hector Noguera I didn't find any "Noguera Software" or so. Hollywood, Movies, Paparazzi, trees (Noguera come from nogal "nut tree"), Noguera is both a region in Catalonia and two rivers: Noguera Pallaresa and Noguera Ribagorçana
Barona 1/4 mile race track no collisions
Jay Lovelock is a Victory and so is Jay. no collisions "Jay" in Sanskrit means victory.
Bonnet Lovelock is a theory of gravity and so is Gauss-Bonnet.
Sagan Carl Sagan was an astronomer, writer and educator and so is James Lovelock. At one point both shared an office, and Sagan's first wife, Lynn Margulis, was intimately involved in the development of James Lovelock’s theories. no collisons Space, astronomy, extra terrestrial life
Rasputin Lovelock is a book in the Mayflower Trilogy and so is Rasputin Rasputin is the name of a defunct video game developing company, but beyond that I found no collisions. All Live US Trademarks on Rasputin relate to things other than computers or software. Yes, the other Rasputin was suggested first. This one's cooler, though. Promise. Mayflower, three, scifi, space, sea
Rasputin Lovelock is a rock band and so is Rasputin Music, psychedelia, psychic
Ringworld Lovelock is a science fiction novel, and so is Ringworld There is a Ringworld computer game, no other collisions. There were two trademarks, but they were both cancelled, cf Tess Rings, SciFi
Lightbody Jack Lovelock is a 1500 m Olympic Champion, and so is Jim Lightbody There is a Lightbody & Bird Ltd in computer development (no web page), no other collisions, no Tess trademark Light (radiation, weight)
McLuhan James Lovelock is a futurist, and so was Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) None immediately found McLuhan coined the term 'the global village' and celebrates his centennial this year
Talladega Lovelock is a speedway, and so is Talladega None immediately found (though a lot of, um, collisions with Daytona were found.) Denotes speed, grabs attention of NASCAR fans; Talladega is NASCAR's "other" superspeedway
Beefy Miracle "Lovelock" is a string, that when a particular algorithm is applied to it, results in an output of 5. So is "Beefy Miracle". no collisions Q: Isn't the link a bit too generic? A: Absolutely not! It's a particular algorithm. Not at all like saying "they both are words that have letters in them." Hell yes! There is a SIG which supports this effort. OK
Neuromancer Lovelock is a Scifi book and so is Neuromancer no collisions I checked with Tess SciFi
Dreadlock Lovelock is a hairstyle (popular in 17th century), and so are Dreadlocks no collisons definately ... Bob Marley, anyone?
Llullaillaco Lovelock is a place where mummies were found and so is Llullaillaco no collisons It's a super tall volcano, plus mummies are cool!
Mayflower Lovelock is a book in the Mayflower Trilogy by Orson Scott Card no collisons SciFi or flowers
bacon Lovelock is a place where mummies were found and mummies love bacon delicious collisons delicious theme possibilities
Cornrow Lovelock is a hairstyle (popular in 17th century), cornrows are a hairstyle no collisons Fields, Crop Circles
Mt. Orne Lovelock is a bridge (in California) and so is Mt. Orne (in New Hampshire). No collisions found (One M. T. Orne has published numerous articles) Technically, the bridge in Napa Valley is "Love Lock," but since when does whitespace matter? Mountains and/or Covered Bridges?
Iao Lovelock Caves is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as is 'Iao Theater' in the city of Wailuku, Maui Hawaii no collisons Hawaii/Tropical, Ocean/Beach, Volcanic
Legation Lovelock Caves is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the 'American Legation', a building in Tangier, Morocco no collisons A legation was the term used in diplomacy to denote a diplomatic representative office lower than an embassy
Gaia Ecological hypothesis or theory proposing that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system that maintains the climatic and biogeochemical conditions on Earth in a preferred homeorhesis. Originally proposed by James Lovelock (1960s). Unfortuantly i found gaia computing. those Australians Asmartgoat 00:14, 5 March 2011 (UTC)
There was a sidux (debian derivative) named like that wikipedia article
Golding Lovelock if the fhather of the Gaia hypothesys, this name as suggested by Golding no collision literature, politics, Nobel Prize, booker prize, writer
Periwig Lovelock is a 17th/18th century men's hairstyle and so is Periwig no collisions The many separate hairs of FLOSS coming together as one beautiful whole.
Lennox Lovelock is a road in Reading, UK and so is Lennox no collision
Verne James Lovelock is a futurologist, and so was Jules Verne no collision found apart from individual's names various objects from Jules Verne's novels
Nepia Jack Lovelock was a New Zealand athlete, so was George Nepia.
Tyrie Jack Lovelock was a New Zealand athlete, so was Harold Tyrie.
Codpiece Codpiece was an important part of Elizabethan fashion as well as wearing a lovelock no real collisions ok, this one falls apart on theming possibilities
Yunupingu Mandawuy Yunupingu is a famous Australian guitarist as is Damien Lovelock Star Trek expanded character - Galarrwuy Yunupingu (a neyel of Jonglu) Almost sounds like penguin- 'nuff said
spaceship Lovelock is a conjunction of two words (love & lock) and so is spaceship (space & ship).
hollyhock an alliterative compound word composed of two nouns. Googled hollyhock software,hardware,computer. No conflicts. hollyhock is a type of flower; lots of onward links from here. Floral/botanical themes
Lapland an alliterative compound word composed of two nouns. Googled Lapland software,hardware,computer. No conflicts. Various Finnish/northern themes
steamship an alliterative compound word composed of two nouns. Googled steamship software,hardware,computer. No conflicts. Steampunk or nautical themes
Flamel James Lovelock is a chemist, and so was Nicolas Flamel Exist a french company named Flamel Technologies Gothic, Chemistry, Alchemic, Cabal, Magic
Sunset The Sunset Motel is in Lovelock. Conversely, nothing's better than a sunset when you're... locked in love... Oh yes...
Ablebaker Lovelock is a monkey in space in the book Lovelock by Orson Scott Card as Able and Baker. They were the first monkeys to survive spaceflight. Ablebaker is one word made from others two as Lovelock. A top speed of 16,000 km/h was reached during their 16 minute flight in association to this release of Fedora. This nomination would be to honor all the beta tests of human body in space spaceflight, space, astronomy, monkeys in space.
Marvin a fictional character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. "Lovelock" is also a sci-fi novel. It is a name, companies using it do exist. eg. ,, (architecture) etc Lovelock wikipedia article,Marvin's wikipedia article Sth sci-fi related, a little robot, stars, a galaxy...lots of things
Ayers Raymond Lovelock played Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof. So did David Ayers. Ayers Rock is so well known that the name is of course used widely, in all areas of business. In Computer and Technology I found Ayers Technology and various minor companies Ayers Rock
SHEEPY SHENANNIGANS Jack Lovelock was an Athlete from New Zealand. They have a lot of sheep there.
None Naming releases are so 20th century. No collisions possible with a null set Legal will be happy not to deal with names any more. Themes can be whatever people feel like. Black on black is always fashionable
Money Fountain Lovelock (a.k.a Love padlocks) is a romantic wish tool
Cousteau James Lovelock is an environmentalist, as was Jacques Cousteau no collisions sea, underwater, diving, fish, boats
Dusty Bill Lovelock is an Australian Country Musician and so was Slim Dusty No collisions Country type locations?
Babbage James Lovelock is a Londoner and so was Charles Babbage No collisions "Father of the Computer" Computer Pioneers, crater names, mathematicians
Cunningham Glenn V. Cunningham was a greatest runner who broke the world record and so was Jack Lovelock No collisions
Hatefree Love --> Hate. Lock --> Free I doubt there are collisions, but would be surprised if there were! Whatever Lovelock's themes are, reverse them!

Approval Mark Legend

Approval Mark Meaning
Checkmark.png Approved
Stop (medium size).png Rejected
Warning.png Under review

Rejected Suggestions

Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Comment Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved