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Max's notes

  • Max's notes (internal Red Hat only, sorry!) are here.

Mel's notes

From Max's talk

Activity ideas

These are not meant to be comprehensible to other people, they're just to remind myself of things I'd like to try. Mel Chua 20:26, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

  • Give all but one table a puzzle and a lead.
  • Tell the no-puzzle table to clear their table. They are Red Hat. Roles:
    • Project leader - ship on time
    • QA - no blank spots in the quilt
    • Engineer - orange border
    • Engineer - green corners
  • Other teams come in with parts and reqs
    • orange border
    • green corners
    • some sort of dinosaur in the middle (mid-round RFE)
  • QA goes and "patches" and ships


  • requirements
  • patches
  • "upstream" (pile)
  • mid-round contributions / code dumps
  • bug report / RFE
  • community of practice