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[[Join#Content_Writer|Content writer]]
== Mission Statement ==
== 目标 ==
The Fedora News Project is where we collect, discuss, and disseminate news for the Fedora Project. This is the starting point and ending point for news and information activities in Fedora.
Fedora 项目收集、讨论并传播新闻。
== Joining the Fedora News Project ==
== 加入我们 ==
* To learn how to join Fedora News Project, please see [[NewsProject/Join| Join]] page.
* 欲了解更多信息,请访问  [[NewsProject/Join|加入]] 页面。
== 团队成员 ==
== 团队成员 ==

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[edit] Fedora 新闻项目

[edit] 新闻项目中的贡献角色


Join ContentDeveloper.png

[edit] 目标

为 Fedora 项目收集、讨论并传播新闻。

[edit] 加入我们

  • 欲了解更多信息,请访问 加入 页面。

[edit] 团队成员

[edit] 邮件列表/提供反馈

  • news - 这是新闻团队的公共邮件列表。

[edit] Plan of Action

  • We will publish Fedora Weekly News every week via fedora-announce-list and fedora-news-list.
  • We will maintain Fedora Security Advisories information from fedora-package-announce.
  • We will collect general questions from Fedora Community via AskFedora and get answers from Fedora Developers and Contributors.
  • We will receive feedbacks and contribution ideas from fedora-news-list.
  • We will discuss any short-term or long-term goals among our teams privately as well as publicly in the fedora-news-list.