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为 Fedora 项目收集、讨论并传播新闻。
为 Fedora 项目收集、讨论并传播新闻。
== Joining the Fedora News Project ==
== 加入我们 ==
* To learn how to join Fedora News Project, please see [[NewsProject/Join| Join]] page.
* 欲了解更多信息,请访问  [[NewsProject/Join|加入]] 页面。
== 团队成员 ==
== 团队成员 ==

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[edit] Fedora 新闻项目

[edit] 新闻项目中的贡献角色


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[edit] 目标

为 Fedora 项目收集、讨论并传播新闻。

[edit] 加入我们

  • 欲了解更多信息,请访问 加入 页面。

[edit] 团队成员

[edit] 邮件列表/提供反馈

  • news - 这是新闻团队的公共邮件列表。

[edit] Plan of Action

  • We will publish Fedora Weekly News every week via fedora-announce-list and fedora-news-list.
  • We will maintain Fedora Security Advisories information from fedora-package-announce.
  • We will collect general questions from Fedora Community via AskFedora and get answers from Fedora Developers and Contributors.
  • We will receive feedbacks and contribution ideas from fedora-news-list.
  • We will discuss any short-term or long-term goals among our teams privately as well as publicly in the fedora-news-list.