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Hi all! I'm Nitin Kumar from the city of Bangalore,India. I'm currently pursuing my graduation degree B.E in Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) from R.V.College of Engineering,Bangalore,INDIA.

As part of our course framework,ever since i was exposed to the world of linux and gcc i have been a big fan of the open source community.And when it comes to linux operating systems there's no doubt that Fedora rules from the top! I'm currently using Fedora 10 and do a lot of programming and debugging routines on the gcc compiler.

We have a small yet small LUG at RVCE with lots of contribution coming from students at the CSE Department.We recently hosted a felicitation event in the honor of Mr.Richard Stallman(RMS) on his visit to Bangalore,India.

Projects on Open source: 1.Developed a 8086 Assembler using Lex & Yacc scripting on the gcc platform. 2.Developed lots of websites and web enabled content using perl and php primarly involving generation of forms.(LAMP)

Other details: 1.Certified Web Designer by Animaster(India). 2.Google Campus Ambassador(India) for 2008-09. 3.Member of LUG-RVCE.