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Hi all! I'm Nitin Kumar from the city of Bangalore,India. I'm currently pursuing my graduation degree B.E in Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) from R.V.College of Engineering,Bangalore,INDIA.

As part of our course framework,ever since i was exposed to the world of linux and gcc i have been a big fan of the open source community.And when it comes to linux operating systems there's no doubt that Fedora rules from the top! I'm currently using Fedora 10 and do a lot of programming and debugging routines on the gcc compiler.

We have a budding LUG at RVCE with lots of contribution coming from students at the Computer Sc. & Engg and Information Sc. & Engg. departments of the college.We recently hosted a felicitation event in the honor of Mr.Richard Stallman(RMS) on his visit to Bangalore,India.

Projects on Open source:

1.Developed a 8086 Assembler using Lex & Yacc scripting on the gcc platform.

2.Developed lots of websites and web enabled content using perl and php primarly involving generation of forms.(LAMP)

Other details:

1.Certified Web Designer by Animaster(India).

2.Google Campus Ambassador(India) for 2008-09.

3.Member of LUG-RVCE.



Fedora Account:nitj23

Activities within Fedora

As a Fedora Ambassador i would like to add impetus to the ongoing open source revolution in our college and make it a stronger force by the backing of the international fedora community in terms of backing,resources and sponsorship. I would like to spread the awareness of Fedora and Open Source in general to surrounding colleges and other near institutions also. Conduct Fedora installation camps and general user talks comprise of sum of the planned events. I would also like to contribute to the Fedora Marketing and Website Team.