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This page tracks the actual implementation of the No Frozen Rawhide (NFR) Proposal.


  1. Install images are no longer being created for rawhide.
    • To install rawhide follow the instructions at: FIXME
    • Links to public announcements: FIXME


To implement for Fedora 13, all of the following must be accomplished by Freeze Freeze (currently scheduled for 2010-02-09).

  1. Bodhi retrofit work done for sure before Feature Freeze
  2. Mash enhanced with ability to create two trees at the same time in our infrastructure
  3. Communicate new layout to the mirrors

Unresolved Questions & Topics

  • What do we call the pending release tree?
  • When do we branch? Feature Freeze?
  • How are buildroot overrides handled, freeze break needs vs 0-day update needs
  • Increased number of "double" commits (things committed to rawhide, and duplicated on the release branch)
  • Relies on updates-testing to drive feedback for freeze breaks, and updates-testing is not as well used as it could be.
  • Division of our testers between rawhide and the pending release
  • Are we now Debian (Unstable, testing, stable)
  • Potential to break chain-builds even more depending on when we force things through bodhi
  • Do we always make install images for rawhide, or only make images for pending release tree?
  • packages going "straight to stable" via bodhi during a freeze
  • When and how does signing happen? How will we know if something isn't signed in time to fix it?