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Fedora Project North American Ambassadors World Domination Plan (WDP)

Okay, okay. So its not a world domination plan, but just one for helping get Fedora Ambassadors in every state/province/major city in North America. Its a big goal and we know it, but we think that the Fedora Project deserves a bit more recognition here. Below, we've come up with some goals as to how we'll bring Fedora to the people of North America, and along the way, we'll gain more Ambassadors for Freedom.


  • Spread Fedora in every state/province in North America by end of 2009
    • Discuss growth at each NA Ambassadors Meeting
    • Involve 1-2 contributors new and old each month through May 2009
    • Mentor new contributors.
      • Quantified with the growth and increase in events being reported
    • Tracking growth is essential, North American Ambassadors (updated monthly)
  • Ambassador reports from events throughout NA averaging one a month by end of 2009
    • Funding depends on this, so we should consider a growth model
  • Act as a liaison between the fp.o community and Fedora users as well as the larger OSS community

Accomplishing the goals

Public Faces are Fun

As the public face of Fedora, we should encourage Ambassadors to follow a set of basic guidelines:

  • Smile
  • Don't be a douche
  • Share the message of Freedom and why its important
  • Be a light for Fedora, good attitudes go a long way
  • Go the extra mile, people appreciate your help even if you don't have all the answers

Liaisons aka Ambassadors

  • Large disparity between number of users and contributors
  • Explaining Fedora's position may be enough
  • If matter requires you push items to another Fedora sub-project (packaging, infrastructure, etc) please keep original user in the loop, and document for NA organizations benefit.