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The Fedora OLPC Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

To provide the OLPC project with a strong, sustainable, scalable, community-driven base platform for innovation.

In other words: OLPC engineers are busy. Every hour they spend doing Fedora work is an hour they could be spending doing something else. OLPC is based on Fedora, and will be running millions of Fedora systems. It's up to the Fedora community to make sure that we hold up our end of that bargain.


  • Identify and take responsible ownership of as many OLPC base packages as possible, starting with this list: PackageMaintainers/WishList#OLPC_Wishlist
  • Maintain an excellent Sugar environment for Fedora, including a dedicated Sugar spin.
  • Identify useful opportunities for collaboration (infrastructure, localization, etc.)


We will create a list of open work items, with owners, upon our initial meeting.

Mailing List

People who are working actively in this SIG should join the mailing list and introduce themselves briefly.


Come hang out with us on, #fedora-olpc.


Meetings are on the #fedora-olpc IRC channel on Freenode, at 1pm Eastern US time, every Friday.