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When OLPC starts their next Give 1 Get 1 program, there will be an option to purchase an upgrade that will allow users to run a standard Linux desktop, based on Fedora 10, on their XO system.

In order to make sure that this works properly, we need testers. And we are willing to swap testing time for (almost) free XOs.

Sound like fun? Want to participate? Here's what you do.

1. Add your name and contact info to the list below.

2. Purchase a Sandisk Extreme III SD card, in either 2 Gig or 4 Gig capacity. (This is where the "mostly" free part comes in.)

3. Install Fedora on said SD card. We will tell you how later.

4. Agree that you will spend at least 20 hours between now and late October testing Fedora on your XO, reporting your findings back to us in ways that we will make clear later.

5. Receive your (mostly) free XO.  :)

That's it. You need to be moderately Linux-savvy -- know how to bring up a terminal, for instance -- but beyond that, you mostly need to be willing to put in the testing time and able to follow simple directions.

Add your name to the list below!

Fedora on XO Testing Volunteers

  • Greg DeKoenigsberg (gdk at redhat dot com)
  • James Laska (jlaska at redhat dot com)
  • Joshua Daniel Franklin (joshuadfranklin at yahoo dot com)
  • David Nalley (david at gnsa dot us)
  • Eric Sandeen (sandeen at sandeen dot net)
  • Rich Sharples (
  • Brent Langston (brentley at brentley dot net)
  • Jatin Nansi (jnansi at gmail dot com)
  • Rodney Russ (rdruss4alt at gmail dot com)
  • Trask Bryant Trojanek (
  • Daniela Kugelmann (dkugelma at redhat dot com)
  • David Regev (david.regev at gmail dot com)
  • Brian Witt (brianwitt at gmail dot com)
  • Andy Burns (andy at burns dot net)
  • Scott Abbey (scott at eotr dot net)
  • John Dennis (jdennis at redhat dot com)
  • Kevin Higgins: Kevin Higgins
  • Chris Wright (chrisw at redhat dot com)
  • Jan Mark Holzer (jmh at redhat dot com)
  • Jef Spaleta (jspaleta at gmail dot com)
  • Adam Huffman (adam.huffman at gmail dot com)
  • Jeffrey Tadlock (linux at elfshadow dot net)
  • Josh Boyer (jwboyer at gmail dot net)
  • Timo Trinks (ttrinks at redhat dot com)