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  • power management
  • CPU frequency scaling (current GX2 does not support it)
  • suspend to RAM (when?)
  • at the drop of the hat
  • in ebook mode and allow the DCON ASIC to handle video refresh
  • shutdown particular unused devices
  • memory management
  • compressed caching
  • relocation of code/data, increasing page locality, thus decreasing memory footprint
  • out of memory conditions
  • current code just says score = heuristic(process) according to alan
  • probably easy to set, just requires a deviation from the normal kernel
  • Filesystem
  • Stable JFFS2 with xattr support
  • device drivers
  • Audio: AC97 codec (probably adding support for the AD1888)
  • Power management for this chip is critical - good amount of work to do here
  • Input devices: keyboard, trackpad (supporting pointing, scrolling, and possibly graphical input).
  • additional buttons adjacent to screen for use in E-Book/tablet mode
  • wireless: Marvell (usb version of the 8388 (google for 88w8388))
  • Status indicators, visible with lid closed:
  • Power
  • Battery status
  • Wifi active
  • need an fbdev driver because there will be no vesa mode on the video card
  • AMD Geode GX2 (CS5535)
  • Requires power management updates
  • AMD Claims that unused parts of the chipset will "turn themselves off automatically if they aren't used" but that needs investigation
  • ALSA driver on the website supports PM but we have to do investigations of the IP around it - did it come from the windows driver or not?
  • Video card (GX2 embedded): dealt with by only?
  • DCON ASIC (bridge from CPU to display) is in the process of design.
  • note that this chip might also generate keyboard events off the display part of the laptop
  • also handles unswizzling for the display into a standard frame buffer
  • poor man's antialiasing
  • control of refresh speed
  • local frame buffer to allow the CPU to be put into S3 while the panel lives on
  • rotation (maybe)