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Fedora OLPC tasks/agenda

Active (Assigned) Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Figuring out how to create small localized spins SebastianDziallas, gettys 1 Update on 9/5 How can we make small images by cutting out unnecessary language info, and make particular builds that are customized for particular languages?
Troubleshooting Fedora-on-XO USB performance JeremyKatz 1 Update on 9/5 Jeremy is working on USB performance issues.
pyxcom/xulrunner issues JeremyKatz / ChrisAillon 1 Update on 9/5 In order to get the Browse activity to work properly natively to Fedora, we need to resolve the xulrunner fork in OLPC repos -- ChristopherAillon is trying to get those changes upstream.
Bundlebuilder changes MarcoPesentiGritti 1 Update on 9/5 Bundlebuilder changes are done, yes?
Packaging Sugar activities GregDekoenigsberg 1 Weekly update We need to closely track to the packages listed on the [Sugarlabs roadmap].
Python performance issues between F7 and F9 MarcoPesentiGritti 1 Update on 9/5 Python in F9 is much slower, making performance painful -- we are looking into this at FUDCon...
Installation path gettys 1 Update on 9/5 What's involved in installation onto internal NAND? What's involved to be able to use olpc-update?

Completed Tasks

Task Name Mentor Priority Date Completed Details
create weekly meeting page GregDeKoenigsberg 1 9/5 Create a weekly meeting page to track open tasks and progress
Establish a build system gettys 1 9/2 Establish a system for building spins
Bloat investigation gettys 1 9/5 Figure out where the worst bloat offenders are
Start application discussion gettys 1 9/3 Start discussion around what should be in an OLPC spin