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Fedora OLPC tasks/agenda

Active (Assigned) Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Figuring out how to create small localized spins SebastianDziallas, gettys 1 Update on 9/12 How can we make small images by cutting out unnecessary language info, and make particular builds that are customized for particular languages? Sebastian and Jim continue to work on this.
Recommending SD hardware for Fedora JeremyKatz 1 Update on 9/12 Microsoft has already done a lot of working figuring out which SD card will work best with their OS; we should leverage that work to figure out what SD we should be offering to G1G1 users as the Fedora add-on.
pyxcom/xulrunner issues JeremyKatz / ChrisAillon 1 Update on 9/12 In order to get the Browse activity to work properly natively to Fedora, we need to resolve the xulrunner fork in OLPC repos -- ChristopherAillon is trying to get those changes upstream, but is still on vacation.
Packaging Sugar activities GregDekoenigsberg 1 Weekly update We need to closely track to the packages listed on the [roadmap] with the package requests that are tracked on the [wishlist page].
Python performance issues between F7 and F9 MarcoPesentiGritti 1 Update on 9/5 Python in F9 is much slower, making Sugar performance painful -- gregdek will try to put the Sugar folks in touch with the Python experts in Fedora.
Installation path JimGettys 1 Update on 9/12 What's involved in installation onto internal NAND? What's involved to be able to use olpc-update? What needs to be done to ensure wear levelling? Jim Gettys will lead a discussion on-list.
Bug tracker JimGettys 1 Update on 9/12 How do we track various work items that are non-obvious? JimGettys will lead a discussion on-list.

Completed Tasks

Task Name Mentor Priority Date Completed Details
create weekly meeting page GregDeKoenigsberg 1 9/5 Create a weekly meeting page to track open tasks and progress
Bundlebuilder changes MarcoPesentiGritti 1 9/5 Bundlebuilder changes are in.
Establish a build system gettys 1 9/2 Establish a system for building spins
Bloat investigation gettys 1 9/5 Figure out where the worst bloat offenders are
Start application discussion gettys 2 9/3 Start discussion around what should be in an OLPC spin
X packages needed gettys 3 9/4 figure out which X packages are desirable