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O'Reilly OSCON 2008

  • OSCON is the crossroads of all things open source, bringing together the best, brightest, and most interesting people to explore what's new, and to champion the cause of open principles and open source adoption across the computing industry.


Fedora's purposes for attending this show, in order of importance:

1. Meet people from other prominent projects and look for collaborative opportunites 1. Drive out to meet with Oregon State University on Tuesday, July 22nd 1. Represent the Fedora Project to newcomers at the booth


  • Oregon Convention Center - Portland, OR


  • July 21-25, 2008
  • Expo floor is open Wed and Thu July 23-24 from 10:00AM PDT to 16:00PM PDT
  • Setup/booth duty schedule below


  • Fedora Booth in .Org Pavilion on Floor
  • What are the swag requirements? (MaxSpevack)
  • Fedora BoF (schedule unknown yet)


(T) indicates a Traveller to the event; (L) indicates a Local.

  • JackAboutboul (T)
  • GregDeKoenigsberg (T)
  • KarstenWade (T)
  • JohnPoelstra (L)
  • ClintSavage (L)
  • AnthonyGreen (L)
  • MattMcKenzie (L)

Booth Schedule and Setup

We need volunteers to man the following schedule. If everyone takes a 2-hour session once a day, we should have more than enough booth coverage.

  • Setup, Wednesday 8am: (name1)(name2)
  • Wednesday 10am-noon: (name1)(name2)
  • Wednesday noon-2pm: (name1)(name2)
  • Wednesday 2pm-4pm: (name1)(name2)
  • Thursday 10am-noon: (name1)(name2)
  • Thursday noon-2pm: (name1)(name2)
  • Thursday 2pm-4pm: (name1)(name2)
  • Teardown, Thursday 4pm: (name1)(name2)

Booth Duties

  • Hand out what schwag we have on hand.
  • Hand out collateral: WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN FEDORA?
  • Install on USB keys for those who are interested.
  • Walk new contributors through signup process.


  • Write and design collateral (Jack).
  • Figure out schwag needs (Jack).

Booth Logistics

  • What are the plans for the booth?
  • detailed list of EVERYTHING we need to have there so we don't have to go out and buy stuff the day of the event and setup late.
  • advanced coordination of what I can bring locally (each year I've been involved it has been a little bit of a last might fire drill... I don't like fire drills and avoid them wherever possible :-)
  • how big is the booth and how many people can it hold? Last year three was about all we had room for.
  • What are we handing out?
  • JohnPoelstra -- I have a small stash of t-shirts, usb keys, pens, and stickers, but would prefer to give this stuff out on a selective basis to people interested in or fans of Fedora vs. every random person doing "convention trick or treat".
  • Are we handing out install media?
  • If so who is coordinating it and are they sending it to me?
  • What type of install media?
  • How much?
  • Live USB key generation?
  • Print and hang posters
  • Who has the booth banner and will someone be sending it to me?
  • What are we planning to do for the BOF?
  • What are the facilities for the BOF?
  • When is the BOF?
  • Is it on the O'reilly schedule? If "NO"--why not?
  • If no advertising being done for us, how will it be done?
  • What are our target dates to have stuff done by?


  • The expo floor itself and !BoFs, as well as OSCAMP and a few other select highlights are free, otherwise, please see links below for OSCON pricing information.


  • Flight: PDX is your airport
  • Hotel: Any hotel near the convention center is fine, everything is walking distance. Alternatively, you can stay by the Rose Garden (Sports Arena) which is near by, also walking distance. Hotels there tend to be cheaper.
  • Light Rail: You don't need a car to get from the airport to the convention center (and most likely the surrounding hotels). Check out the schedule for the MAX here: It is super cheap at $2.05 or less.