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| [[User:Linuxknight|Matt McKenzie]] || 7/26-7/27 ||
| [[User:Linuxknight|Matt McKenzie]] || 7/26-7/27 ||
| [[User:markdude|Mark Terranova]] || ALL Hail Tux the Magnificent! ||
| ''add yourself here'' || ''and your notes''
| ''add yourself here'' || ''and your notes''

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O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON):

Date and Time

July 25-29, 2011


Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon


NOTE: If you're working the booth at OSCON, sign up below and include your availability in the chart. Bear in mind that if you register with O'Reilly for free admission (above) and want to work the booth, let us know by including that in the comments field.

Where's Fedora

  • what will we be up to?


  • copy from OSCON 2010 once we know whether we'll have a booth

Let's have a list of folks who are attending for now.

Who Notes
Sebastian Dziallas
Mel Chua
Matt McKenzie 7/26-7/27
Mark Terranova ALL Hail Tux the Magnificent!
add yourself here and your notes



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Blogs and Reports

  • stuff goes here