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Fedora Events: OpenExpo 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland


The OpenExpo founders has a strong connenction to the Open Source community. One is responsible for the community of the PHP User Group Switzerland. The goal of OpenExpo is to show Open Source Software in business area as application, service or further development. The OpenExpo is organizing together with the topsoft -Expo, but will have a specific part and a special area. There it will be possible to show Fedora Core to the interested visitors and other people from community projects.

When and Where

  • Wednesday, September 21st and Thursday, September 22th, 2006
  • Zurich, Switzerland - OpenExpo Switzerland


  • We're looking for Ambassadors to represent this event


Space, tables, chairs, Internet-Access and electricity is free of charge.



  • DVDs
  • maybe other things


  • Search for fellows !!!
  • Concept for a participation


  • I can not go to this event because in this week I have my exams...until now there are only two open source project registered. I guess there is still enough space if anybody what to do something there -- FabianAffolter


There are some pictures of this event on the offical web site