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Fedora Events: OpenExpo 2009 - Winterthur, Switzerland

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OpenExpo, the Swiss fair and conference on FOSS, offers direct contact to the people behind the free projects and precise answers and firsthand-experiences. With a series of current lectures by long-standing national and international OSS experts and a chosen table-fair the OpenExpo offers competence within the topsoft fair for business software semiannual: every spring in Berne and during autumn in Zurich. A social event around the openness in the ICT featuring the presentations of several contributions, videos and cultures and music of different organizations is taking place at the evening after the first day starting with the OpenExpo 2008 in Winterthur.

When and Where

  • September 23-24 2009
  • Winterthur (20 min by train from Zurich, even less from Zurich's Airport), Switzerland -> Map
  • Eulachhallen

Booth people

Name Wednesday Thursday Accommodation Comments
Marcus Moeller Note.png Note.png Note.png
Sandro Mathys Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Warning.png
Fabian Affolter Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png
Jörg Simon Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png


This things are free of charge.

  • Space
  • one small tables
  • 3-4 chairs
  • WLAN-Internet-Access and electricity
  • one poster and space for this poster (Size A1 (594 × 841 mm))
  • no extra lights (spots)

There is no more or special equipment needed for the booth.


  • ...

  • Live Media (if Joerg will bring them along)
  • maybe other leftover's from FUDCon Berlin that was in the EMEA EventBox


  • ...


  • 2009-08-18 - We will be there. (The Fedora Project is listed as participating project)
  • July 2009 - Answered the Call for Project


  • no report


  • no pictures