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* Restart Firefox
* Restart Firefox
== Enabling Firefox Hello icon in Customize dialog ==
By default, the Firefox Hello icon does not show up in the Customize dialog.  To make it appear go back into about:config and search for loop and change the following Preference name to false:
* Restart Firefox
[Not sure if Firefox Hello actually works yet]

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This page contains information on the Cisco OpenH264 firefox plugin.


Cisco provides a binary version of a OpenH264 plugin for firefox. This plugin is needed for WebRTC along with other H264 decoding. This binary is released under this agreement from Cisco:

Upstream firefox versions download and install this plugin by default automatically. Due to it's binary nature, Fedora disables this automatic download.


Source for this plugin is available at under a BSD license.

Manual install of binary

mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/gmp-gmpopenh264/1.1/
cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/gmp-gmpopenh264/1.1/
unzip ~/

Firefox config changes

Type about:config into the Firefox address/URL field and accept the warning.

From the Search field type in 264 and a handful of options will appear. Give the following Preference Names a value of true by double-clicking on false:

  • Restart Firefox